Brush Type 4 at Peterborough station (1973)

BR Brush Type 4 #D1774 cruising south through Peterborough station in 1973 with a car transporter train. Built in 1962, this locomotive is one of the survivors of the fleet and remains operational in 2016, based at Barrow Hill and working as part of the Riviera Trains Ltd charter fleet.

Broadway, Yaxley (1964)

A view along Broadway in Yaxley in 1964. The shop in the foreground right is still trading in 2016 as a supermarket.

Peterborough North Station (1964)

The frontage of Peterborough North station in 1964.


Peterborough Driving Licence (1926)

A Soke of Peterborough driving licence from 1926 and belonging to Frank Collins of Coronation Cottage on Barnack Road.

Ferry Road, Milton Woods (1922)

A mystery 1922 image labelled “Robbers Gate” on Ferry Road, Milton Woods but it isn’t clear exactly where this is. The image was reproduced on an Edwardian postcard by Harrison “Postcard” Smith of Westgate.

Mark Smith adds, “Its on the A47 just past what was Thomas Cook and is now buried under the parkway going west. If you go on the cycle path along side the A47 towards Milton Ferry bridge you go onto what is left of it now. Was previously where the dual carriageway started/ended and was a notorious accident black spot.”

Desmond Stapleton also adds, “I grew up in Longthorpe and the gate on left went into Bluebell Wood while the gate on the right went into Milton Park. There were several people killed on that bend”.

McDonalds Bretton (2016)

The McDonalds restaurant on the petrol station forecourt at Bretton, closed and levelled in early 2016 to be replaced by an M&S food store.

Diesel under Crescent Bridge (1967)

Brush Type 2 (later Class 31)  #D5585 moving two brake vans under Crescent Bridge and through Peterborough station in 1967.

City of Peterborough Home Guard Band

The Northants City of Peterborough Home Guard band. Date and location unknown but may be upstairs in the Town Hall.

Whittlesea Central Brick Company Ltd (1907)

A Barclays Bank, Peterborough cheque dated 31st July 1907 in the name of Whittlesea Central Brick Company Limited.

Class 46 Diesel at Peterborough North (1967)

Class 46 #D169 powers away from Peterborough with a northbound train in 1967.