Edwardian Peterborough Lads (1912)

Very unusual to know the identities of any of the many portrait photographs taken in the early 1900s but this photographer has kindly handwritten the names on the back of this one.
They are 22 year old Walter Scott, Gordon Amos, Walter Lansing and 18 year old Harold Goodwin and the photo was taken in 1912 at the studios of Stanley & Co, formerly of 111 Cromwell Road but, in 1912, were operating from a studio in the Mansion House on Westgate.
Scott and Goodwin both saw action in the Great War in 1915 and 1916 respectively. Amos and Lansing would undoubtedly have seen action too but I’ve been unable to find their military records.

North Ward FC (1948)

The North Ward football team pictured in 1948. Perhaps the injured player back right was the reason they only had ten dressed players !

Elton Green

The village green at Elton with a nice traction engine parked up outside one of the cottages.

Wansford Cross Roads

The old staggered crossroads in Wansford with the Great North Road crossing left to right and the old Leicester Road passing towards and away from the cameraman. Today that equates to the A1 crossing the A47 !

Eventually the crossroads were straightened by demolishing the Old Mermaid Inn which is just out of shot to the left of the photographer but both roads were eventually replaced with bypasses.

Trinity Street Slipper Baths

The old Slipper Baths on Trinity Street and, below, an old galvanised Slipper Bath sold recently at a local auction. The old buildings to the left of the Slipper Baths would, in 2018, be the site of the Trinity Street Car Park.

The Slipper Baths were used by locals who had no access to baths at home (or even hot water in some cases). The building opened in 1935 but was still in use into the early 1970s. At their peak of popularity in the early 1950s, more than 1,000 people used the baths every week !

Inside, there were 24 “slipper” baths (see image below), 18 for men and 6 for women. The charge was 6d for the bath, 6d for towel hire and 1d for soap. There were individual cubicles with their own mirror, bath brush and a wooden board to stand on.

The Gables, Thorpe Road

An undated image showing the Grade II listed Gables on Thorpe Road which dates back to the 1890s and was used as a maternity hospital from 1947 through to 1970.

The frontage of the building is all that remains today.

Currys Cycles on Narrow (Bridge) Street

A superb image showing Narrow (Bridge) Street and, in particular, the store of Currys Cycles which was a very early link to the current day Currys Electricals Store which started out as a Leicester based cycle shop.

Cutlack & Company Ltd

A nice advertising card for Cutlack & Co Brewers who were based at the Phoenix Brewery on Priestgate. The brewery was established in the mid-1800s by Charles Cutlack who ran the business until his death in 1884. It was then managed by his executors until Cutlack & Co Ltd was registered in 1895, which was in turn acquired by Cutlack & Harlock Ltd in March 1917 who continued brewing until 1923.

Portland House, Whittlesey

Portland House in Whittlesey pictured around 1915. The house was built as a private residence, dating back to the early 1600s and was believed to have been built by the second Earl of Portland. It was demolished in 1945 but some remains (gates, stone garden walls, diagonal paths and a rose garden) still survive today off Manor View in the town.

Laurel Court, School Fees Receipt (1899)

A receipt for one term’s tuition and board at Laurel Court in 1899.

The beneficiary was 10 year old Arthur Tuke Kirkby of Sutterton, Lincolnshire who, at the time, was the only boy at an otherwise all girl school. He did have his older sisters at the school, 14 year old Alice and 13 year old Jessie.


Jack Fairbrother, POSH Manager

POSH manager Jack Fairbrother (standing left) pictured in the boardroom in the early 1960s with chairman Tommy Peake (seated) and club secretary Harold Pepper (standing right).

“Jack” was born John Fairbrother in Burton in 1917 and played as goalkeeper for Preston North End in 1946, joining Newcastle United the following season where he completed four seasons and played in his side’s FA Cup winning side at Wembley in 1951.

After retiring from the game, he went into management with POSH (1952-1954) and later with Coventry City (1953-1954) before returning to POSH for a second spell (1962-1964).