Early Motor Vehicle near Sawtry (c.1910)

A wonderful c.1910 image of an early chauffeur driven motor vehicle carrying a well dressed lady and having just passed a horse drawn cart in the background.

The photo is marked as Great North Road but the nature of the road and the bend would suggest it is a local road nearby.

Steam Under Crescent Bridge

A busy scene under Crescent Bridge as Gresley A3 #60112 “St Simon” approaches alongside a waiting southbound departure while a lovely collection of vintage coaching stock is being hauled towards Peterborough East on the far right.

“St Simon” was a New England based locomotive which worked the mainline through to its withdrawal on Boxing Day 1964.

Tram on Midgate

A lovely Edwardian image showing a Newark tram heading along Midgate and about to swing round to the terminus on Long Causeway near Market Place.

On the far left is the “Midgate Glass & China Warehouse” of Somerset born Edmund Gill and his wife Sarah, who were operating from New Road in the 1880s but were in Midgate by 1900.

Werrington British Legion CC

An undated image showing Werrington British Legion Cricket Club.

George V Mail Van, Sawtry

A nice George V Royal Mail van parked up somewhere in Sawtry – date unknown. The lower shot suggests the mailman may be posing outside of his family home.

Westwood Derailment (1955)

A spectacular derailment in September 1955 on the New England side of Westwood Bridge. Amazingly, the derailment only resulted in injuries rather than fatalities.

Reg Johnson, a BR Fireman at the time recalls, “I was firing a goods train from Melton Mowbray to Peterborough East and we passed by the crash within minutes after it happened on the line to the far left of this picture. The engine in question was the only one of its kind running on British Rail, designated as a “W-1” class No 60700 that had been streamlined in 1937 with a wheel displacement of 4-6-4 and more commonly known as the “Hush Hush” although it was never named and not of the Mallard Type A-4 streaks. As far as I can recall the only casualty of this crash was the signal box boy who was watching it come towards him”.

Werrington in Flood

A village pond in flood at the junction of Foxcovert Road and Fenbridge Road in Werrington – date unknown.

Whitehall Convalescent Hospital, Sawtry (c.1916)

Staff and soldiers at the Great War convalescent hospital at Whitehall, south of Sawtry. Now known as Coppingford Hall, the building is now the administrative HQ for Supreme Concrete.

Cutlack & Co., Phoenix Brewery, Priestgate

A wonderful undated image that shows a fleet of delivery vehicles in the yard of the Phoenix Brewery on Priestgate.

The brewery was established in the mid-1800s by Charles Cutlack who ran the business until his death in 1884. It was then managed by his executors until Cutlack & Co Ltd was registered in 1895, which was in turn aquired by Cutlack & Harlock Ltd in March 1917 who continued brewing until 1923.

At some point, the brewery moved to Monument Street.

Tram on Long Causeway

An undated image showing an early tram at the Terminus on Long Causeway. Market Place would be behind the photographer to the right.

In the background left is the “Ladies & Childrens Outfitter” store run by Peterborough born Sarah Major and her daughter Alice Mary.