FW Whitwell – Lincoln Road

The label on a medicine bottle sold by Peterborough born Frederick William Whitwell, a pharmacist based at 283 Lincoln Road in Millfield.

Thymol extract from the thyme plant was used thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians as a preparation to help preserve mummies but was more recently shown to wipe out fungi and bacteria and is still used today in some mouthwash products.

Apethorpe, Laundry Road

An undated image showing Laundry Road, Apethorpe and a view that is near identical today and will probably stay identical for very many years to come !

Soldiers on Parade (1915)

A mystery image of soldiers on parade somewhere in Peterborough in 1915. No location is known but notes on the back suggest a link with Allen Road and the New England area.

Lincoln Road Tram Depot (c.1913)

A wonderful and rare image of the Tram Depot on Lincoln Road captured around 1913 on the site that remains in operation today as a bus depot.

Oundle School Cadet Corps and Band

Superb image showing the Oundle School Cadet Corps and Band marching down into the town …… date unknown.

Oundle School, OTC Camp

The Oundle School Officer Training Corps at camp, presumably somewhere near to Oundle …… date unknown.

Peterborough North Station (1914 & 1925)

Two images of Peterborough North Station taken from broadly the same spot in 1914 (top) and 1925 (below).

Thorney, The Green

Views across 100 years at The Green in Thorney. The top image is undated but almost certainly dates back to Edwardian times and the lower image is from Google in 2014.


Market Square

A lovely undated view of Market Square if only for the wonderful motor vehicle parked behind the Gates Memorial !

Long Causeway in Colour (1960s)

A nice colour view down Long Causeway in the 1960s.