Queen Victoria Jubilee Songsheet (1897)

A fascinating National Anthem handout for the celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee on Market Place in 1887, making it very clear that the general public must only sing the words shown in bold type !

Blue Bell Inn, Cowgate (c.1900)

The Blue Bell Inn on Cowgate around 1900. In later life this building became the more familiar Robertsons Cycle Shop which only stopped trading recently.

1st East Anglian RAMC Church Parade (1914)

A church parade crossing Market Place on 6th December 1914 featuring the 1st East Anglian Royal Army Medical Corps.

St John’s Street / New Road (c.1915)

This 1915 image is marked as St John’s Street but appears to be taken from what would today be the site of the Boongate roundabout with New Road branching off to the right and St John’s Street to the left.

The Peterborough – Newark tram line can just be seen emerging from New Road with the tram standard in the foreground.

D1773 at Peterborough (1968)

Class 47 “Brush 4″ D1773 hauling an up express through Peterborough in 1968.

Built by the Brush Falcon works in 1962, entering service in 1964, this engine saw 46 years of service before giving up the ghost in 2008.

“Baby Deltic” at Peterborough (1968)

“Baby Deltic” D5903 cruising into Peterborough North in 1968, just a few months before being withdrawn and subsequently cut up at a Kettering scrapyard.

The term “baby Deltic” came from the turbocharged Napier Deltic engine on board and to distinguish the nondescript class from the full on Class 55 twin-engined Deltics that became the East Coast Mainline workhorses for many years.

Walton Signal Box (1953)

An old photo taken inside Walton Signal Box in 1953 with the two characters marked as “Michael and Charley”.

Hunstanton Day Trippers (1920s)

A superb image showing a huge fleet of early motor buses awaiting departure for Hunstanton in the 1920s …… exact location unknown.

Yachting on the Nene (1947)

Exact location unknown but this 1947 image is marked as “Yachting in the Ortons” and is almost certainly upstream of Orton Staunch.

Oddfellows March, Lincoln Road (1913)

An Oddfellows March moving off Lincoln Road onto Westgate in June 1913.

The Oddfellows was a collective name for Friendly Societies primarily set up to raise funds for looking after their members before the days of welfare, trade unions and the NHS.