Bridge Street Shops

An undated image of Bridge Street showing, amongst others, Polyfoto, Hiltons and the Grand Hotel.

Royal Hotel, Westgate

The Royal Hotel on Westgate – date unknown.

Market Place (c.1920s ?)

Looking out onto Market Place from the Cathedral Precincts – undated but possibly 1920s. 

Crescent Bridge (c.1913)

The road in the foreground is Cowgate (right) leading into Thorpe Road (left) which up until just before this photo was taken (1913) would have taken people across the dual-gated Crescent Crossing. The horse drawn carriage is coming out of Station Road with the Crescent Bridge builders sign still present behind it. The Cleveland Bridge Engineering Co., Darlington is still a thriving business in 2014 !

Church Street (c.1918)

The Town Clerk’s office sitting next to the Guildhall which provided the only access to the GuildHall via an upstairs doorway. The outline of that doorway can still be seen today on the back of the Guildhall. Note the early Public Telephone box sitting outside.

Cathedral Square (1970s ?)

Looking across Cathedral Square towards Lloyds Bank and Frederick Morleys – undated but possibly mid 1970s.

View from a Bridge (1960s)

Looking from Town Bridge towards the Bishops Road Bus Station and Lido in the 1960s.

Crescent Houses – off Thorpe Road

The central houses of the Crescent which was a small semi-circle of housing that sat just off Thorpe Road and just outside of the city.

The highly desirable housing soon became less desirable as first the railways were built right up alongside the houses and then the decision to build Crescent Bridge in 1911 resulted in them being leveled to make way for the bridge approaches.

For those with an interest in the Crescent, there is now an excellent book available detailing the inhabitants throughout its short life. Written by Gwendoline Ann Beatty, it is available from the Peterborough Museum shop.

Map of Peterborough c.1200s

A fascinating – even without scale – hand drawn impression of Peterborough in and around the 1200s. Of particular interest is the stream running down what is today Long Causeway and Bridge Street – and often cited as the reason for the abnormally wide Long Causeway – and the bridges that crossed this stream at Westgate, Cowgate and Priestgate.


Angel Hotel (c.1970)

The Angel Hotel probably pictured close to its demise in 1972. Today this would be the site of WH Smiths.