“Golden Plover” at Peterborough North (1961)

LNER Gresley A4 #60031 “Golden Plover” coasts into Peterborough North with a northbound train in 1961.

POW Letter from Paston Lane (1944)

A failed attempt to get a letter from Paston Lane to POW Camp Stalag X1B in 1944. The camp was located just to the east of the town of Fallingbostel in Lower Saxony in north-western Germany.

The first prisoners to arrive at the camp were Poles in late 1939, followed by French and Belgians the following year. By the end of 1940 around 40,000 POW were registered there, although only about 2,500 of these were housed at the camp, with the majority assigned to various “work camps” in the area.

General Montgomery’s Ninth Division liberated Stalag X1B in early 1945 (see bottom image).

Steam passing Walton (1963)

A wonderfully dirty Jubilee Class #45667 “Jellicoe” heading south alongside the Brotherhoods factory at Walton in 1963.

County Girls School

An undated image showing the old County School for Girls on Lincoln Road.

Peterborough Sea Cadets (1949)

A parade of Peterborough’s Sea Cadets along Broadway in 1949.

Peterborough Sea Rangers (1949)

A series of shots showing the Peterborough SRS Gallant branch of the Sea Rangers including a parade along Broadway in 1949.

The Sea Rangers began to appear in the early 1920s as a nautical wing of the Girl Guides Association and were well established across the UK by the time of WW2 at which point many became WRENS.

Although the Guides dropped the Sea Rangers wing in 1973, the Sea Rangers Association established themselves and continue to operate today.

Above L-R Back: Margaret Evans, Lilly Nutt, June ???, Sheila Blood, Jackie Brown, Betty Rushby, Beattie ???  Middle L-R: Rita Stimson, Grace Steele, ??? Hick, Eleanor Sanderson, Barbara Carter, Sylvia ???, Beryl ???  Front L-R: Sheila Wright, Chris Harry, Miss Binns (Skipper), Jean Ellington (No.1), Marion Standon, Vera Horsfall


Oundle Fire Brigade

The Oundle Fire Brigade pictured in the early 1970s.

High Street, Eye (1916)

A lovely shot of the much photographed High Street in Eye, captured in 1916.

International Stores, Oundle

Staff of the International Stores just off Market Place in Oundle – date unknown.

Walton Steam (1964)

New England based Ivatt 4F-A #43086 passing Walton and heading “home” with a mixed freight in 1964.