Sir Nigel Gresley at Peterborough North (1967)

Gresley A4 #60007 “Sir Nigel Gresley” attracting a large crowd of admirers at Peterborough North in 1967 with a northbound excursion.

The locomotive was withdrawn from regular duties a year earlier but remains a popular and preserved attraction today at the National Railway Museum in York where it is undergoing a slow boiler overhaul (2016).

Ferry Meadows Railway (1988)

A 1988 image showing the much loved “Henry” steam engine at work on the Ferry Meadows Railway.

The 4-6-4 “Henry” was a 10.1/4 inch gauge engine and was built by Nottingham based Ernest Dove, a road haulier who in his spare time built no fewer than nine miniature gauge steam engines between 1940 and 1953. “Henry” was built by Dove in 1949 as “Commodore Vanderbilt” and was based in North Wales where it was initially owned by boxer Randolph Turpin before relocating to Skegness in the late 1950s and then on to Ferry Meadows. The engine is now (2016) in private ownership (see lower image).

Kings Cliffe Mill (c.1920)

West Street Tower Mill, built in 1818 as a wind powered brewery mill. It ceased operation in 1910 and was demolished in 1925.

Lido Swimming Pool (1938)

A busy shot of the Lido pool captured in 1938, two years after opening.

Beyer Peacock Garratt at Spital Yard

A huge 150 ton Beyer Peacock Garratt engine #47981 at rest near the coaling tower in Spital Yard in 1951.

Built in 1930, these unusual 2-6-0+0-6-2 engines had a fixed coal bunker and were more typical of continental heavy freight engines. They were phased out from British rail use in the 1950s.

Victorian Oundle Family

Two wonderful images taken at the same location in Oundle and probably dating back to the late 1890s.

Great War Parade on Broadway (c.1914)

A wonderful image showing a Great War parade along Broadway and heading into the city centre.

County School Heads (1954)

These three ladies were pictured at the golden jubilee of the County Girls School in 1954 and were all former (or current) headmistresses. From left to right, Miss Vail (1936-1946), Miss Mona Mathews (1946-1969) and Miss Kate Wragge (1904-1936).

Isolation Hospital, Fengate (1982)

The main office of the Isolation Hospital at Fengate pictured in 1982, nearly a year after it had closed. Also known as the St Peters Hospital for Infectious Diseases, it was based near Potters Way in Fengate and would, today, be buried under the Frank Perkins Parkway at the point where the Sewage Farm was sited.

Class 40 Diesel at Peterborough Station

1960 built British Rail Class 40 diesel #40061 on hold alongside a train of fly-ash wagons at Peterborough station, probably in the late 1970s.