Caverstede Nursery, Walton (1950s)

Two wonderful images from 1953 and 1954 showing kids at Caverstede Day Nursery in Walton. Many thanks to Mara Poole for the images which belong to her father who features in the images.

Tram on Westgate

A nice image captured by local photographer George Caster showing a tram heading out along Westgate. The tram is unusually showing a destination board for Queens Drive.

Reed’s Garage, Broadway

An undated image showing Reed’s Garage on Broadway which was roughly next to where Edwards pub is today or the Embassy/ABC stage end before that.

Unloading Sugar Beet (1939)

Lorry loads of sugar beet being unloaded at the Oundle Road factory in November 1939. The factory, at the time, could handle 3,000 tons of beet per day. The photo was taken just after the outbreak of war and at a time when there was concern over food stocks but over-production of beet during the previous years meant that there were few concerns anticipated in this area.

East Ward Football Team ?

Nothing known about this photograph so if anybody knows the team then do get in touch !

Neil Yarham adds, “I think it’s East Ward……my dad played for them, although he’s not in this photo. Front row, third right is Danny Daniels. Back row, next to the guy with the hat looks like Frank Jolly. Both good friends of my late Dad.

Stanground Floods (1912)

Another part of Peterborough suffering from the floods of August 1912. This time it’s the Stanground Lode in flood with the view taken from the bridge on what is today South Street looking back into Stanground and the junction with Church Street.

Crowland Butchers (1907)

A battered but superb 1907 image of a butchers shop that was probably in Crowland given the poster on the far left of the image.

British Legion (1922/3)

Marked simply as “British Legion 1922/1923” with an accompanying pencil note suggesting the photograph was taken at “Thorpe Lawns”. The British Legion was founded in 1921 which suggests this may have been the newly formed Peterborough branch.

Floods on Bodgers Yard (1912)

August 1912 is still to this day listed as the worst Summer month in terms of rainfall since records began with nearly 200mm of rain recorded in many areas. The flooded Nene in Peterborough caused havoc in the many yards that populated the area we now know as Rivergate. Bodgers Yard today would be sited adjacent to the main entrance to the Asda Superstore.