Wilcocks Garage, Sawtry

A battered car from a crash on the Great North Road being towed into the nearby garage of CM Wilcocks in Sawtry who also ran a roadside cafe in a building just out of the top picture to the left.

Royal Mail Van, Priestgate

A wonderful early Royal Mail van pictured in the yard of the Phoenix Brewery off Priestgate. The vehicle also appears in the recently published image of the Phoenix Yard and the driver also appears in a recent Sawtry image featuring a different Royal Mail van.

Coronation Procession (1911)

A procession on (Broad) Bridge Street to celebrate the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary on 22nd June 1911 and photographed from an upper floor of the old Golden Lion Hotel.

Burton Street Bowls Club (1973)

Burton Street Bowls Club, off Star Road, pictured in 1973.

Lincoln Road Tram Depot

An unmarked and presumably new tram carrying a Walton signboard outside of the Tram Depot on Lincoln Road which still survives as a bus depot in 2016 (see below).

Werrington, Fenbridge Road

An old sheep wash off Fenbridge Road, Werrington – date unknown.

The location would be close to Cuckoo’s Hollow and is likely to be using the waterway that feeds today’s Cuckoo’s Hollow lake from Car Dyke.

Sawtry Post Office (1909)

The Post Office on Green End Road, Sawtry pictured in 1909 with sub-postmistress Laura Parsons (1858-1923) in the doorway. Laura worked with her sister Helen Parsons and they also shared lodgings with Yorkshire born head school teacher Annie Bell.

The sign above the door to the right advertises “Mrs Bell, Dressmaker” who was locally born Rose Bell while far right is the Grocer, Draper and Provisions Store of Anna and Kate Clayson.

Neaversons Delivery Van

A wonderful old delivery van on the Green at Werrington and belonging to Neaversons who had several stores in the city in the early 1900s. Date unknown.

SA Caster, Broad Bridge Street

A wonderfully eclectic Edwardian postcard showing the Third Floor Boot Room of leather merchant Sam Caster’s store on Broad Bridge Street.

Bull Hotel, Westgate

The Bull Hotel on Westgate pictured in the early 1980s just after having new windows added !