Funeral of Sgt Major Sharpe (1913)

This 1913 image is marked “Funeral of the late Sergt: Major Sharpe, Peterboro’, Mch 22nd 1913” and shows crowds gathering on Broadway near the cemetery at the junction with Granville Street.

Great War Recruits (1914)

Brave young men marching from the Army Recruitment Office off Market Place after signing up to defend their country on Monday 12th October 1914.

Butchers in Eastgate (1907)

A nice image captured in October 1907 showing the Co-Op butchers somewhere in Eastgate.

Brainsby & Sons Outing (1911)

A superb 1911 image showing Brainsby & Sons staff preparing for their annual outing. Thomas Brainsby & Sons was founded in 1905 in Peterborough where they built bodies for such cars as Crossley, Fiat, Hotchkiss and occasionally even Rolls-Royce. The company faded away in the 1920s.

Focus Do It All, Lincoln Road (2001)

The old Focus Do-It-All store on the Brotherhoods Retail Park in the summer of 2001 ….. now the site of Marks & Spencer.

Balti House Fire, Broadway (2002)

The aftermath of an arson attack on a Balti House restaurant on Broadway in 2002.

The Park, Broadway

A nice collection of images from the early 1900s featuring Central Park or simply “The Park” as it was known back then. The tank is pictured on its arrival on 12th August 1919 and the guns in the top image were described as “captured German guns” also from the Great War.

Boyband A1 at Serpentine Green (2002)

Huge crowds at Serpentine Green in January 2002 for an appearance from popular boyband A1. A full gallery of images is available on our Facebook Group HERE.

ASDA Pensioners (2002)

A group of ASDA employees pictured in 2002 as the Rivergate superstore looks to take on pensioners to boost its workforce. Pictured L-R.  Margaret Hughes, Marina Weston, Eunice Fatters, Rosie Bryan, Norman Lenton, Peggy Goodwin and June Cox.

“Bungate” Musical Cast (1992)

The cast of Clive Read’s “Bungate” musical pictured at St John’s Church Hall in 1992.