Walton Signal Box (1953)

An old photo taken inside Walton Signal Box in 1953 with the two characters marked as “Michael and Charley”.

Hunstanton Day Trippers (1920s)

A superb image showing a huge fleet of early motor buses awaiting departure for Hunstanton in the 1920s …… exact location unknown.

Yachting on the Nene (1947)

Exact location unknown but this 1947 image is marked as “Yachting in the Ortons” and is almost certainly upstream of Orton Staunch.

Oddfellows March, Lincoln Road (1913)

An Oddfellows March moving off Lincoln Road onto Westgate in June 1913.

The Oddfellows was a collective name for Friendly Societies primarily set up to raise funds for looking after their members before the days of welfare, trade unions and the NHS.

Yaxley Village Hall (1922)

Yaxley Village Hall pictured in 1922, shortly after opening at its site on Back Lane.

The Hall was used as a school extension during the war in order to cope with the number of evacuees in the village and is still standing in 2014.

Yaxley (1915)

Looking along Main Street, Yaxley with Middletons Road branching off to the left in 1915.

Frederick Sage – Walton (1915)

Two wonderful aircraft sitting outside the Frederick Sage factory at Walton in 1915.

Sage’s shop fittings business was one of six selected by the Admiralty to build seaplanes for the war effort. The Walton factory also turned out wooden cabins for non-rigid airships.

After the war, the factory returned to its shop fittings and wood working origins.

New Town Hall opening Press Pass (1933)

A press-pass for the opening of the new Town Hall on Bridge Street in 1933.

Vintage Motor Bus

A wonderful undated image showing an early motor bus ….. location unknown.

Class 109 Diesel at Peterborough East

1957 built Wickham two-car diesel multiple unit approaching Peterborough East station with Town Bridge in the background ….. date unknown.