Morton Fork, Whittlesey

An undated image of the Morton Fork, formerly the Hare & Hounds, on East Delph/Bassenhally Road in Whittlesey.

Nags Head, High Causeway, Whittlesey

An early photo of the Nags Head on High Causeway which is still standing and in use as a private residence in 2015.

Bus on Bourges Boulevard

Superb image from the early 1970s showing a bus heading down Bourges Boulevard with the Woolworths building far left and the old Huntings Butchers still standing defiantly but dwarfed alongside it !

Coombers Taxi, Whittlesey

An undated image of a “private car hire” vehicle being run by the Coomber family in Whittlesey.

Day Trippers at Whittlesey

Loaded buses on the market square in Whittlesey – date unknown.

Hare & Hounds Pub, Whittlesey

An undated image of the old Hare & Hounds on East Delph/Bassenhally Road in Whittlesey along with a 2014 image of the same building now in private use.

Queen Adelaide Pub, Whittlesey

The old Queen Adelaide on Whitmore Street in Whittlesey – date unknown. Although significantly updated, the building is still standing today as a private dwelling.

Falcon Hotel, Whittlesey (1911)

The 1911 frontage of the Falcon Hotel in Whittlesey.

Coronation Celebrations in Oundle (1911)

Celebrating the coronation of King George V in Oundle on 22nd June 1911.

Northants 1st Battalion in Oundle (1910)

The Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Battalion on the Market Square in Oundle in 1910.