Peterborough North Station (c.1939)

A lovely image of the quiet frontage of Peterborough North Station, taken from upper floor of the Great Northern Hotel in 1939.

Black Bridge Fire 1963

Notice of railway disruption in 1963 after the old wooden bridge over the Nene at Stanground, known locally as “Black Bridge”, was destroyed by fire. The name was derived from the thick dark tar that coated and preserved the timbers but which ultimately, when exposed to the fire, hastened its end. 

Great Western Railway @ Peterborough

The rare site of a GWR engine taking on water at Peterborough during what must have been a special railtour. Pictured is #7029 Clun Castle which was withdrawn from service in 1965 – the date on the rear of this photo. In 1967, the same engine made a number of special railtours from Kings Cross and this may actually be one of those tours.

One of the first engines ever to be preserved, Clun Castle is currently awaiting boiler work at its preservation home in Tyseley, near Birmingham.

Great Northern Railway opening (1850)

An 1850 illustration commemorating the opening the Great Northern Line running from Peterborough down to London …… albeit not at this stage to Kings Cross which was to open two years later !

Peterborough East Station (1845)

Peterborough East Station as shown in the Illustrated London News shortly after opening in 1845. 

Opening of the Nene Valley Railway (1845)

Two fascinating illustrations dating to 1845 and the opening of what is now referred to locally as the Nene Valley Railway.

The footings to the original Lynch Bridge can still be seen today if you search them out in the woods and the bridge spanning the Nene survives today, albeit having been rebuilt and upgraded several times since the 1845 original.

Peterborough North station pilot (c.1960)

London Kings Cross based Gresley N2 No. 69549 operating as station pilot at Peterborough North in the early 1960s.

Engines at Peterborough East (1937)

LNER Class 13 No.7400 stabled at Peterborough East.

Third class ticket to Wansford (1954)

A third class one-way ticket from Peterborough East to Wansford, dated 20th March 1954.

Heavy freight engine on home turf (1961)

New England based 9F heavy freight engine No. 92181 heading into Peterborough North station on 12th June 1961. The engine spent its entire – sadly short – eight year life based in Peterborough and was withdrawn in 1965 before being cut up at Cohens in Kettering.