Steam at Peterborough East (1962)

B1 Class 61362 ready to leave Peterborough East with a westbound train in September 1960. Built in March 1950, this locomotive was based at Stratford (London) and was withdrawn in September 1962 before being cut up three months later in Doncaster.

Steam from Spital Bridge (1962)

A3 Pacific 60107 “Royal Lancer” powers northbound out of Peterborough North station in June 1962.

Deltic at Peterborough 1976

East coast mainline workhorse resting at Peterborough in June 1976 – Deltic 55003 “Meld”.

A3 Pacific at Peterborough North 1963

Delightfully dirty A3 Pacific 60107 “Royal Lancer” waiting at Peterborough North with a train for London Kings Cross on 1st June 1963.

Princess Elizabeth on the mainline

LMS Princess Royal Class 6201 Princess Elizabeth powers down the mainline just north of Helpston on 6th May 2011.

6201 was built in 1933 at Crewe Works, the second of its class. She was named after the 7-year-old elder daughter of Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI), Princess Elizabeth (today HM Queen Elizabeth II). Despite the class officially being named after 6200 Princess Royal, the class received the nickname “Lizzies” after 6201.

After nationalisation in 1948, British Railways renumbered her 46201. 46201 was withdrawn in 1962.

46201 was bought by the then Princess Elizabeth Locomotive Society straight from BR service when withdrawn in 1962. Initially kept at the Dowty Railway Preservation Society’s premises at Ashchurch, Glos, and then subsequently at the Bulmers Railway Centre in Hereford. When the Bulmers Centre closed in the 1990s the loco moved to the East Lancashire Railway. Since April 2009 it has been based at the Crewe Heritage Centre.

Princess Elizabeth is one of two preserved Princesses; the other being 46203 Princess Margaret Rose.

Diesel shunter at Peterborough East 1963

A diesel shunter at work at Peterborough East station in 1963 against a backdrop of resting steam engines.

Class 27 Diesel at Peterborough East

Pictured leaving Peterborough East in March 1966 is Class 27 No. D5386 working the 13:57 Peterborough to Leicester train. This locomotive was one of eight in the class to be preserved and currently works on the Dean Forest Railway.

Barnwell Station – Late 1950s

Barnwell Station was opened in 1845 and closed on the 4th May 1964.

The station building – the roof of which can just be seen on the far right of the image – was erected in 1884 for the use of the Royal family when visiting Barnwell Manor, the home of the Duke of Gloucester. After the closure of the line in the early 1970s, the building was carefully removed and re-sited as the main waiting room at the Nene Valley Railway HQ at Wansford. 

Railway Ticket 1948

Third Class Railway ticket for travel on the 7th February 1948 from Peterborough East to Whittlesey, shown here with its original spelling of Whittlesea.

Third class travel was absorbed as second class in the summer of 1956 !

Peterborough East Station – post 1966

Peterborough East Station pictured sometime after closure to passenger services in 1966. The station continued as a parcels depot until 1970.