Rhubarb Bridge (1960)

Two superb views of Rhubarb Bridge carrying the M&GN line from Peterborough across through Dogsthorpe, Eye, Thorney, etc towards Wisbech and Kings Lynn. The line had closed to passenger traffic a couple of years prior to these photos but occasional freight traffic kept the line alive a little longer. The bridge was eventually demolished in the early 1970s and replaced by today’s parkway bridge carrying the A47 over Bourges Boulevard.

The name Rhubarb Bridge remains in place today and arose from the crops of rhubarb that occured on the embankments after soil had been used from local allotments in the original build !

Thanks to Middleton Press for allowing us to include these images.


Dominion of New Zealand at Helpston (2011)

The magnificent blue livery of A1 Pacific 4492 Dominion of New Zealand storming up hill through Helpston (top image) on the morning of 9th July 2011 and then back south on the evening of the same day (lower two images).

Despite appearances, the engine is actually 1937 built A1 60019 Bittern which did indeed sport this blue livery between 1937 and 1940 when it was forced into wartime black livery. The engine served British Railways up until September 1966 and was immediately saved from the cutter’s torch and moved into static preservation until 2007 when it returned to steam and, by year end, back into mainline charter service.

It is anticipated that the engine will return to its original ID in 2013 but, until then, the long lost blue New Zealander will become a regular and welcomed site on UK mainlines.  

Aberdonian freight at Peterborough North (1958)

A fast freight passing through Peterborough North on the East Coast Mainline on 16th August 1958. The freight is headed by A1 Pacific #60158 “Aberdonian” and is overtaking a Down Empties for New England Yard (with O2 2-8-0 No. 63934) which is being held at the signal while a Diesel multiple-unit runs into the station to its right. The lines to the right were the separate ex-Midland lines to Manton, Melton Mowbray, Leicester etc.

Photo courtesy: Ben Brooksbank


Silver Link at Peterborough North (1961)

Gresley A4 60014 “Silver Link” enters Peterborough North with a London bound train in 1961. Built at Doncaster works in 1935, the engine was withdrawn from service in December 1962 before being cut up back at Doncaster in january 1963.

Crescent Station

A rare undated image of the old Crescent Station buildings that sat just south of Crescent Bridge. Owned by the Midland Railway, Crescent Station ran briefly in tandem with the larger Great Northern Station but exclusively for Midland Railway trains until they all unified in using the main GNR station. Crescent Station opened in 1858 and closed just eight years later in 1866 !  

Peterborough North Station (1960)

A shot from Crescent Bridge showing Peterborough North Station in September 1960 with the smoke stained canopy still in place.

Image courtesy of and copyright Colour-Rail. You can download and/or purchase a high quality copy of this image at

New England Shed (1964)

A wonderfully atmospheric shot of New England Shed from May 1964.

Freight train at New England (1959)

Fowler Class LMS Freight engine 44004 working a mixed freight through New England yard on 1st March 1959.

Steam at Peterborough East (1962)

B1 Class 61362 ready to leave Peterborough East with a westbound train in September 1960. Built in March 1950, this locomotive was based at Stratford (London) and was withdrawn in September 1962 before being cut up three months later in Doncaster.

Steam from Spital Bridge (1962)

A3 Pacific 60107 “Royal Lancer” powers northbound out of Peterborough North station in June 1962.