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Welcome to PeterboroughImages.Co.Uk, a deliberately random collection of images, old and new, of Peterborough and the villages surrounding Peterborough.

They say that every website should have a purpose for being but this one has many from allowing me to get rid of the many postcards and prints that I have to sharing a history of the city via our local schools – encouragement from whom has been key to my actually completing this upgrade !

I am always looking out for further images, videos and recollections from times gone by so if you are sitting on anything or have anything to offer then please get in touch via the FEEDBACK page. I’m happy to borrow photographs, scan them and return them to you or you can simply scan them and email them across. 

If you are researching your family history and find your research passing through the area then do get in touch and I might be able to grab some photographs of buildings/areas as they are today …… or you may just have moved away and want to see what a particular location from your past looks like today.

Hope you enjoy the site !

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  1. Hello! My Dad (who was born and educated in Peterborough, but now lives in Cornwall) is going through some of his old photographs from the 1950’s and 60’s and has some he would like to share with visitors to your site. I can scan and email them to you if you could confirm the best email address to use please? Many thanks! Mara Poole

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