Bathing Place, Oundle

Simply marked as “Bathing Place, Oundle” ….. if anybody knows the precise location, I’d be pleased to hear from them !

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  1. You might like to see this. It seems to refer to this place.

    1895 OUNDLE – 24 August, Saturday – Henry SAWFORD – report in Peterborough Advertiser ‘SAD DROWNING AT OUNDLE’ on Henry SAWFORD.
    On Monday afternoon quite a shock was experienced in the town when the news spread that Sergt. Sawford had been drowned in the Town Bathing Place*
    The deceased was Colour-Sergeant in the 48th Northamptonshire Regiment in which he served for nearly twenty years retiring about six or seven years ago on a pension. For some time he was drill instructor to the Wellingborough Volunteers which he left about two years ago to settle in his native town where he was appointed ‘Swimming Master1 to the Oundle School. After recovery the body was conveyed to the Anchor Inn to await the inquest ..which was held on Tuesday evening by Mr T.Gook. deputy coroner for the district. Mr. J.Hayes was foreman of the jury.- P.O. Layman, first witness identified the body as that of Henry Sawford. Army pensioner who was 42 years of age and an expert swimmer.
    Charles Fentiman (son of the Rev.A.Fentiman Oundle).said deceased was teaching him to swim. They went bathing about two o’clock on Monday afternoon, and Sawford asked him to go in the pit, which he did. As he could only swim a few strokes he placed his hands on Sawford’s shoulders and they floated down the stream together. Suddenly they both went down and rose again. He noticed that Sawford did not take breath and the stream floated them down a few yards, and witness just managed to scramble out. He turned round and asked Sawford if he was alright, but received no reply but saw his eyes had a glassy appearance and were turned upwards. He (deceased) rose three times and then sank and rose no more. He uttered no cry and made no struggle or said anything. Witness sprang on the bank and called for help and went for medical assistant. Witness said Sawford was quite steady and sober and seamed the same as usual.
    William Shrive basket maker brother-in-law of the deceased said he recovered the body from a boat and knew him to be a good swimmer. Dr.E.Somerset said he was called by Fentiman and found the body on the bank, He found no marks of violence. The cause of death was ‘syncope’ or failure of the heart’s action. Everything was done to try and restore animation by members of the Ambulance Brigade (many of whom were quickly on the spot) by artificial respiration, but it was of no avail, as the heart stopped beating. He was of opinion that deceased fainted and was suffocated by the water and was most probably dead when he sank the first time.
    The Coroner having summed up the Jury returned a verdict of suffocation from drowning caused by failure of the heart’s action and also added a rider ‘That proper life saving appliances should be provided at the bathing’- Deceased was interred on Thursday at the Oundle Cemetery. [24th August 1895 Peterborough Advertiser. – SAD DROWNING FATALITY AT OUNDLE.]

  2. There is an old open air swimming pool located here TL 04180 87397, this may be the same location as pictured above.

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