New England Yard (1908)

New England Yard packed with GNR and private coal wagons in May 1908.

Birdman Over the Nene (1971)

Kent based Bert Hansell aka “The Birdman” launches from bankside in an attempt to fly across the Nene in October 1971 ….. needless to say, he failed and was rescued from the water soon after !

Fishing Competition at The Embankment (1953)

Two superb images showing the arrival of fishermen for what was clearly a major match event on the Embankment in 1953 with Nottingham based “bookie” Fred Clark on hand to handle the betting !

Double Headed Steam approaching Crescent Bridge

A pair of 1902 built Robinson J11 engines double-heading a northbound train under Crescent Bridge towards Peterborough North – date unknown.

Peterborough City Football Club (1912/13)

Peterborough City FC posing for the cameras in the 1912/13 season. The club went on to merge with Fletton United FC in 1923 to form today’s Peterborough United FC.

Fishermen at The Beehive (c.1905)

A group of local fishermen posing outside the Beehive on Albert Place around 1905.

Discharged Soldiers, Westgate (1918)

A military band leads a church parade of discharged soldiers and sailors from the Great War along Westgate on Sunday 14th April 1918.

Great War Procession (1914)

12th October 1914 and a waiting troop train at Peterborough North station far left.

Market Place – Magic Lantern Slide

An early 1900s Magic Lantern slide showing Market Place. The Magic Lantern was a very early projector, originally for hand drawn slides and later for early photographs.

Working on Crescent Bridge (1983)

A brave worker carrying out maintenance work on Crescent Bridge in 1983 !