Bridge Street (1941)

Looking along Bridge street in 1941 with Albert Place heading off on the near left.

Today this would be taken at the busy pedestrian crossing with Bourges Boulevard running across the foreground. The last remnant of Albert Place today is the Beehive pub and the small section of road that runs outside it.

The Yards of Peterborough

Hills Yard, Goodyears Yard, Bodgers Yard were all rows of dwellings that sat behind Broad or Narrow Bridge Street. The site, minus the dwellings, of Hills Yard remains today as a pathway from Asda to Bridge Street but that is all that remains of the Peterborough Yards.

The link below shows a 2012 satellite image of the area which – if you move your mouse over the image – shows a 1920 map of the same area.

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Bee Hive, Albert Place

The Bee-Hive pub in 2008 prior to its temporary closure and again in 2010 awaiting re-opening under new ownership.

The pub is sited on a small piece of old Peterborough, namely Albert Place, which was 95% buried by the building of Bourges Boulevard. The only remaining piece of Albert Place is the small dog-leg section at the entrance to the Asda car park on which the Bee Hive has always sat.

Many thanks to Richard Nicholson and Ray Cole for the images.

School Place – 1912 Floods

Pictured during the floods of 1912 and showing the precarious platforms being used to move around, School Place was a small spur off Albert Place and would today be under the site of the Asda car park.

Albert Place 1958

Looking back up Albert Place towards the junction with Bridge Street and the distant Bishops Road.

Today this would be the busy Bourges Boulevard with the old Woolworths building on the left and Rivergate on the right.

Albert Place 1964

A distinctly derelict looking Albert Place from the junction with Bridge Street. Today you would be looking down Bourges Boulevard towards Asda.