Peterborough Reds (1970s)

With baggies and boots all ready, the Peterborough branch of the Manchester United Supporters Club about to head off from Bishops Road Bus station on a 1970s game day !

Regional Swimming Pool Under Construction (1976)

The Regional Swimming Pool shrouded in scaffolding during construction in 1976.

City Hotel, Bridge Street (c.1908)

The old City (Temperance) Hotel on the corner of Bridge Street and Bishops Road and pictured around 1908. In 2017 we would be looking at the Poundland store.

Soul Boys on Bishops Road

Wonderful 1970s “soul boy” fashions on show in front of the cafe on the old Bishops Road Bus station site.

St John’s Boys School (1924)

The school was later known as Bishops Road School and was sited where today’s Magistrates Court is, opposite the Pound Shop.

Lido Swimming Pool (1938)

A busy shot of the Lido pool captured in 1938, two years after opening.

Bishops Road Gardens

A lovely Edwardian scene showing the seemingly popular Bishops Road Gardens.

Bishops Road Gardens

An undated image showing Bishops Road Gardens before the hedging was replaced by flower beds !

Bishops Road Bus Station

The latter days of the bus station on Bishops Road as a new landscape takes shape all around. The Key Theatre is in the background behind the pylon and the road under construction in the central foreground is today’s dual carriageway that sweeps around the back of the Magistrates Court building which is just visible far right.

Peggy Wright, Lido Swimming Instructor

The late Peggy Wright at work at the Lido in the 1950s where, as a very popular instructor, she taught many a young Peterborian to swim.