Embassy Theatre, Broadway

An undated image of the Embassy Theatre on Broadway and, below, an image from the same location in 2017.


An undated image showing Broadway at the junction with Midgate (far right).

“The Miracle” on Broadway (c.1912)

Crowds starting to gather outside the Hippodrome on Broadway c.1912 to see the Karl Vollmoller’s play The Miracle.

The Miracle re-told an old legend about a nun in the Middle Ages who runs away from her convent with a knight, and subsequently has several mystical adventures, eventually leading to her being accused of witchcraft. During her absence, the statue of the Virgin Mary in the convent’s chapel comes to life and takes the nun’s place in the convent, until her safe return. The play launched the career of Maria Carmi who went on to star in 25 silent films.

Next door to the Theatre was the popular “Sandwich Box” refreshments store offering choices such as Ham Sandwich (2d), Potted Meat Sandwich (1d), Sausages Peas and Potatoes (4d or 6d a plate), Pot of Tea with Roll and Butter (5d) and an assortment of pastries and ices !

Funeral of Sgt Major Sharpe (1913)

This 1913 image is marked “Funeral of the late Sergt: Major Sharpe, Peterboro’, Mch 22nd 1913” and shows crowds gathering on Broadway near the cemetery at the junction with Granville Street.

Balti House Fire, Broadway (2002)

The aftermath of an arson attack on a Balti House restaurant on Broadway in 2002.

The Park, Broadway

A nice collection of images from the early 1900s featuring Central Park or simply “The Park” as it was known back then. The tank is pictured on its arrival on 12th August 1919 and the guns in the top image were described as “captured German guns” also from the Great War.

Revellers in O’Neills (2002)

Happy revellers in O’Neills Irish Bar on Broadway in early 2002. The bar opened in the September 1991.

The O’Neills chain is owned by pub giants Mitchells & Butlers and extends to 49 outlets across the country.

Great War Parade on Broadway (c.1914)

A wonderful image showing a Great War parade along Broadway and heading into the city centre.

George Formby, Embassy Theatre (1946)

An Embassy Theatre programme featuring George Formby and dated 29th April 1946.

Broadway (1915)

A superb 1915 image showing a busy Broadway with the Kinema on the left and the Hippodrome on the right. In the foreground right is the Pavilion Skating Rink.