City Road looking West (c.1964)

Looking down on City Road with New Road far right featuring the Peterborough Motors Garage. Chapel Street sits between the two whilst the distant view towards Broadway shows the Cattle Market, Embassy Theatre and Library building.

Peterborough Sea Rangers (1949)

A series of shots showing the Peterborough SRS Gallant branch of the Sea Rangers including a parade along Broadway in 1949.

The Sea Rangers began to appear in the early 1920s as a nautical wing of the Girl Guides Association and were well established across the UK by the time of WW2 at which point many became WRENS.

Although the Guides dropped the Sea Rangers wing in 1973, the Sea Rangers Association established themselves and continue to operate today.

Above L-R Back: Margaret Evans, Lilly Nutt, June ???, Sheila Blood, Jackie Brown, Betty Rushby, Beattie ???  Middle L-R: Rita Stimson, Grace Steele, ??? Hick, Eleanor Sanderson, Barbara Carter, Sylvia ???, Beryl ???  Front L-R: Sheila Wright, Chris Harry, Miss Binns (Skipper), Jean Ellington (No.1), Marion Standon, Vera Horsfall


Theatre Royal Takings Sheet (1926)

An interesting page showing the takings from a week at the Royal Theatre on Broadway in September 1926.

The show was “The Gates of Mercy” by George De Gray, described as “an intensely human play of absorbing Religious and Military interest” !!!


A nice undated image looking back down Broadway towards the Kinema, taken from outside the old library (right) and the road to the cattle market (left).