Edith Cavell Enlistment Poster (1915)

A Great War enlistment poster featuring Edith Cavell who, as a 19 year old, attended Laurel Court School in the Cathedral precincts as a pupil-teacher.

The Vineyard, Cathedral Precincts

An early 1900s photo of The Vineyard which was sited in the Cathedral Precincts and has since been converted to flats.

Peterborough from the South (1731)

An old print dating to 1731 and produced by the Buck brothers, well known 18th century engravers and printmakers.

Rock & Co Engraving

An old (c.1840?) steel-etched vignette engraving published by Rock & Co, London founded by William Frederick Rock (1801-1890). Most of his known works are from the south east of the UK and little is known of this engraving or the date.

Peterborough from the South West (1827)

An engraved image by the artist John Charles Varrall (1795-1855) and  dating to 1827, showing a view of the city from the south west which presumably places the site somewhere just upstream of Town Bridge.


Cathedral Steeplejack (1982)

Presumably in pre health and safety days, a steeplejack captured on one of the cathedral spires in 1982.

The Vineyard

This image is simply entitled “Vineyard, Peterborough” and relates to a lodging within the Cathedral precincts – date unknown.

Cathedral (1860s)

A very old 1860s photograph taken from what appears to be an area behind what would today be Bishops Gardens.

Discharged Soldiers – Church Parade (1918)

A church parade for discharged WW1 soldiers from the Cathedral onto Market Square on 14th April 1918.


Whitsted’s Light Infantry (1915)

Two images showing the visit of Whitsted’s Light Infantry to Peterborough on 6th March 1915.