Peterborough Markets

A 1970s shot covering Cattle Market Road with the cattle market itself in the distance and the more familiar general market in the foreground.

Cattle Market (1966)

A superb aerial shot of the old cattle market area in February 1966.

High above the Cattle Market (1966)

Crane operative Pete Wardle high above the old cattle market in February 1966.

Cattle Market (1904)

A 1904 image showing the old Cattle Market on the site of today’s general market.

Embassy Theatre from the Cattle Market

A low down 1960s perspective from the grounds of the Cattle Market, looking ahead to the Embassy Theatre on the corner of Cattle Market Road and Broadway.

Sheltons from the Cattle Market

Sheltons on Broadway dominates this view from the Cattle Market with Emways Motors on the immediate left. The sign on the right shows auctioneers “Buckworth, Lyall and Co.”. John Francis Buckworth was an auctioneer from Thorney.