Fowler & Sons, Bakers

The Bakers Store of Alfred Fowler with top three images showing their store on Church Street and the bottom image showing their earlier store on Dogsthorpe Road. The family also had stores in Eye and Market Deeping as well as a bakehouse in Fengate.

Corn Exchange Receipt (1904)

Some form of receipt/invoice from a Corn Exchange transaction in 1904.

H Mobb was Peterborough born Bridge Street boot maker Herbert Mobb (1860-1906) who was son of John Mobb who also ran a shoe making business in the city dating back to the mid 1800s.


The Bells of St John’s (1910)

The ring of eight bells from St John’s Church undergoing restoration in 1910 at the works of Gillett & Johnston in Croydon who are still in business today, more than 170 years after the business started.

The End of the Corn Exchange (1964)

The eve of destruction for the old Corn Exchange building in 1964 after it had served the city for ten years as a major music venue under the management of Norman Jacobs.

Building owners Norwich Union refused to extend the lease, leaving Jacobs to set up the Peterborough Palais as the new music venue for the city. The last band to play the Corn Exchange was The Ivy League on 23rd May 1964.

Inside the Corn Exchange

A rare image showing traders inside the old corn exchange building on Church Street.

The Corn Exchange was built in 1846 and opened on 24th November 1848 on the site of an old theatre and went on to become reputedly the busiest Exchange in the region right up to WW2 when it was badly damaged by a German incendiary bomb.

Mobile Tea Room, Church Street

The wonderful little Edwardian mobile Tea and Refreshments Room that used to sit on Church Street and was used by local horse drawn taxi operators during the first twenty years of the 1900s.

Church Street (c.1918)

The Town Clerk’s office sitting next to the Guildhall which providedĀ the only access to the GuildHall via anĀ upstairs doorway. The outline of that doorway can still be seen today on the back of the Guildhall. Note the early Public Telephone box sitting outside.