Church Street

The Town Clerk’s Office sitting alongside the Guildhall – date unknown but possibly late 1940s or early 1950s.

Town Clerk’s Office Demolition (1950s)

The careful demolition in the 1950s of the old Town Clerk’s Office and Police Station which used to provide the only access into the Guildhall ….. you can still see the old doorway high on the Guildhall today.

Church Street (1979)

A row of tastefully painted red/grey phone boxes on Church Street in 1979.

Town Clerk’s Office, Church Street

An undated image from Church Street showing the old Town Clerk’s Office that sat alongside and provided access to the Guild Hall.

Corn Exchange, Church Street (1960s)

The Corn Exchange on Church Street in the early
1960s, during its time as the home of roller skating and live Saturday night bands and dances !

Cowgate on Market Day (1962)

Looking along Church Street and Cowgate on market day in 1962.

Thanks to Chris Allen for this image.

Church Street (c.1918)

The Town Clerk’s office sitting next to the Guildhall which providedĀ the only access to the GuildHall via anĀ upstairs doorway. The outline of that doorway can still be seen today on the back of the Guildhall. Note the early Public Telephone box sitting outside.

Soldiers take a break in the City !

A collection of soldiers and airmen taking a break at a WRVS mobile canteen outside St John’s Church on Church Street ….. exact date unknown.

Church Street shops (1960s)

Church Street shopping in the 1960s.

Bus on Church Street (1970s)

A Park Farm bus turns from Long Causeway into Church Street in the early 1970s.

Image kindly supplied by Mark Warrick from his Flikr page which you can view HERE.