City Road

A late 1960s/early 1970s image showing City Road, probably close to where today’s Passport Office stands.

John Bull Studio Portrait

A lovely early 1900s portrait photo taken at the studio of Peterborough born photographer John Bull of 41 City Road who was a true photographic pioneer in the city, operating from his City Road base as early as the late 1860s.

City Road looking West (c.1964)

Looking down on City Road with New Road far right featuring the Peterborough Motors Garage. Chapel Street sits between the two whilst the distant view towards Broadway shows the Cattle Market, Embassy Theatre and Library building.

Anchor Pub on City Road (c.1961)

The Anchor public house on City Road in the early 1960s and probably near to its final closing time given the derelict state of the buildings in the foreground !

From our Facebook group …….

  • Jayne Neale Horton My step mum’s grandad ran it she said but he died in 1931 so it must have between 1914-1931. Thank you very much for the photo.
  • Paul Young The location is City Road about 50 yards short of the junction with St Johns Street (under Stuart House today !).
  • Jayne Neale Horton My step mum says he used to have a shop in Lincoln Road as well. I don’t know whereabouts but if anyone has a 1922 trade directory for Northamptonshire, I’d be grateful if someone could look up William Rose for me. Thanks.
  • Richard Morris I know where the Anchor was , on the other side of City Road was the Peterborough Lawn Tennis Club behind the high stone wall on Cathedral grounds , was nicknamed Touthill , I was a junior player there , the building Touthill Close is now built on it . There used to be a Mrs Upex that lived opposite .
  • George Meadows In the 1927 directory James William Rose, The Anchor, 37 City Road which I thought would be of interest to you Jayne.
  • Jayne Neale Horton Fantastic George, thank you so much. Does it mention any other of the Rose family owning a shop down Lincoln Road? Thank you!
  • George Meadows That’s what I was looking for Jayne, the only Rose in  Lincoln Road is Charles Edward Rose, 668 Lincoln Road labourer, but there is Mrs Sarah Laura Rose, 108 Crown Street, provision dealer
  • Jayne Neale Horton Thanks for that George. I’ll have to take a look at my step mum’s family tree to see if those names appear in it. The Roses seem to have come from the hamlet of Newark but I found so many different Roses in Werrington, Helpston and Whittlesey but I haven’t found a connection with those yet.
  • Jayne Neale Horton James William Rose is my step mum’s uncle (1893-1965). So he must have been the landlord and not her grandad William Rose.
  • Richard Morris Did you manage to trace a Peter Rose who lived in Monument street or wasn’t he related . I know family tree tracing is time consuming , my son is doing ours at the moment and has got back to 18th century . He has used some of the census records which have been released .
  • Jayne Neale Horton No I haven’t found a link to Peter Rose yet. It’s harder to find later relatives as there’s not so many records available.
  • George Meadows There is William Rose, 8 Monument Street labourer in the 1927 Richard Morris
  • Richard Morris Its possible it could be his father as Peter died in 1970’s and he was a tractor driver when I knew him , possibilities !!!!!!
  • Jayne Neale Horton The earliest I’ve got back is James Rose born in 1801 in Whittlesey and I know that there are a family of Roses in Whittlesey (Glassmoor) but I can’t find how James fits in to that family. He then moved to Newark, Peterborough and the next couple of generations were born there. One of the Whittlesey Roses (Florence) married into the Hadman family and moved to Werrington. I’d love to find a link between the two families.
  • Jayne Neale Horton I read a book by Geoffrey Hadman’s son in law about the Rose family of Whittlesey and I’d love to find the link between my step mum’s 2nd great grandfather James Rose and the Hadman Roses.
  • Richard Morris Ron Hadman was a well known Peterborough personality who did charity fund raising , I think he lived on Netherton Estate !!!!!!
  • Jayne Neale Horton I know the Hadman’s are a very well known Peterborough family, so I’d love to find a link to them through Florence Rose who married William Hadman in 1901 and lived in Werrington.


St Peters College

A collection of images taken at St Peters College in the mid 1930s when it was a (female) teacher training college and kindly donated by Tony Rands whose mother Ida Tarry was at the college and is pictured sitting outside the Commons Room Entrance below …….

The view below was taken from Touts Hill and shows the rear of the college with the tennis courts just visible on the far left ………

The following two images show students in the grounds where there was evidently an old well …….

Last but not least, a group photo taken in the grounds and showing students and staff …….




St Peters College c.1904

Originally built by the Diocese of Peterborough as a male teacher training college in 1859, St Peters closed in 1914 but then re-opened in 1921 as a female teacher training college until closure in the mid 1930s. This view is from the rear of the college, taken from the grounds of the cathedral.