Deacons School Photo (1924)

A Class photo from 1924 showing Deacons School, Form 4A.

Deacons School

An early hand-coloured photo of the original Deacons School in the city where it would now be sited under the Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Deacons School staff (1924)

Deacons School staff pictured in 1924.

Deacon Street (1960s)

Deacon Street looking up towards the junction with Wood Street in the distance. Perkins factory is on the left and Deacons School over the wall on the right.

Wood Street car park (1960s)

Some nice early 1960s motors parked opposite Perkins works on Wood Street which would be pretty much under the current bus station today. The building just in view on the far right is the old Deacons School on Deacon Street.