Eastfield Road

Very nice undated image showing a quiet Eastfield Road with a lone cyclist posing on the tramlines for the photographer. Note the superb tram standard rising above him.

Bus Crash on Eastfield Road (1960)

A bus crash in the 1960s. Exact location unknown but the bus appears to be heading for Newark via Eastfield Road.

Mick Smith has kindly enlightened us on this one …… “Hi. I remember seeing this bus in 1960. I was 10 years old and went to
Newark Hill School until 1961. I remember my teacher coming into the classroom and saying there was a bus that had mounted the pavement.

On leaving school at 3pm, I was hoping that the bus was still there. I could see the bus, which was about halfway between the Wheatsheaf pub and Newark Avenue which the bus had been approaching on its left. It would be approx 250 yards from Newark Avenue corner and I clearly remember this. I believe it was a sunny day but can’t say what month”.

Ian Menzies also added ….. “The man with his hands on the bus is my maternal Grandfather, Charles F Wilson, who joined The Peterborough Electric Traction Company Limited in 1925 and left the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company Limited in 1964. He was with the same company all the time apart from 1939-1945 when he continued his link with the RAF having joined the RFC in February 1914 as an aircraftsman.

I suspect I still have the coat he is wearing in the photo.  He spent his life in the workshops and at the time the photo was taken I think he was in charge, which would be no doubt why he was inspecting the bus”.

Dickens Stonemasons, Eastfield Road

Looking out towards Eastfield Road from the back yard of Dickens Stonemasons of 79 Eastfield Road.

Head mason was Castor born George Robert Dickens (1858-1926) who can be traced back to the late 1870s as a “master stonemason” in his Castor birthplace. His move to Eastfield Road came in the early 1900s.

Eastfield Showground – Co-Operative Dairy (1930s)

A lovely image from the Peterborough Showground at Eastfield in the 1930s, submitted by Geoff Sutton.

Geoff adds, “this picture hung on the wall of my parents home when we all lived in Peterborough and since their deaths has resided in my photograph drawer. It seems to have withstood the passage of time quite well so you may like to add it to the website.

My father worked for the Cooperative Dairy in Midland Road for all of his working life and in the early days milk was delivered to households by jug from churns on the horse drawn trap. My father’s horse was named Tony and the picture shows my father, Syd Sutton, and Tony as an entry (number 276) at the Peterborough Show. I think that it must have been taken sometime in the 1930s and I believe that the showground was at Eastfield at that time. If anyone can fill out the details from Show Society records or memory I would be most grateful to hear them via the website.”

Eastfield Showground Entrance – 1920s

The entrance to what was then the Agricultural Showground on Eastfield Road.

The showground was bordered by Eastfield Road and Newark Avenue which would presumably place this entrance somewhere between the Wheatsheaf Pub on Eastfield Road and the junction with Newark Avenue.

Richard Morris confirms, “it stood between Delemere Close and Tait Close , as the cycleway now there is the original line of the road that went through the entrance”.

Image courtesy of Marcus Thompson from the Harold Burleigh Thompson collection 

Eastfield Road c.1905

This image is captured from alongside Broadway Cemetery with the Padholme Road junction in the centre of the picture.

Unusually, all the buildings appear to be intact 101 years on even if the magnificent chimney in the foreground has been docked over the years.

Judging by the ornate statues adorning their gates, Stephens appears to be a stone masons of some sort …… today, its all domestic appliances !