Musicians Paradise – Park Road

A seemingly insignificant little building around the back of today’s library at 9 Fitzwilliam Street near the junction with Park Road. It was occupied in the 1960s by George Treutlein who ran his joke shop there and was then taken over by Cooke’s Music of Westgate who ran it as Musicians Paradise in the 1970s. It looks like it became a tattoo parlour after that !

Thanks to Chris Smalley and Chris Allen for the photo.

Bateman’s Florist – Lincoln Road

Bateman’s florists on the corner of Lincoln Road and Fitzwilliam Street.

Bateman’s closed when the store owner died in 2002 but remained in the same trade as Clarkes Florists before they moved out to Newborough in 2011. In 2012 it was a second-hand shop.

Image kindly provided by Dale Freeman.



Fitzwilliam Street c.1922

Looking back down Fitzwilliam Street towards Lincoln Road with All Saints Church in the background right.