Tilbury Brothers – Mineral Water Manufacturers

A ginger beer bottle produced by William Lewin Tilbury who was a Mineral water manufacturer, working with his brother John, based initially at Granville Street and then Padholme Road. William was born in Gedney Hill in 1870.

The father of the Tilbury brothers was High Wycombe born John Tilbury who was publican at the Bell and Oak on the Market Place. 

Peterborough Postcard 1927

Sometimes the back of old Edwardian postcards are more interesting than the front. This card, dated 18th October 1927, reads “Greetings from Peterborough Oct 18 1927. sailing from Liverpool Eng today Oct 21 1927” …… from the days when overseas travel meant by sea rather than by air. 

A little research found this to be US born teacher Alice Maude Okey who travelled out on the Canadian Pacific line’s SS Montclare from Liverpool to Montreal courtesy of a ticket purchased from Thomas Cook & Son, London !

Peterborough Letter (1845)

A lovely old letter sent from Newcastle Under Lyne to Peterborough on 3rd April 1945 with an early Penny Red stamp on board. Amazing to think that these letters could be delivered with no mention of a road, let alone a postcode !!!

Peterborough West Ward Distress Committee 1912

This image was marked as the Peterborough West Ward Distress Committee 1912. Not sure of the function of such a body other than I believe it was related to creating employment opportunities for those living in hardship. Let us know if you know better !