MacRae Tailor and Draper (1902)

A 1902 billhead/receipt from tailor and draper Alexander MacRae of 31 Lincoln Road, Boroughbury. MacRae was descended from a family of Scottish drapers but married a Peterborough girl.

Lincoln Road Girls School (1923)

A group photo from Lincoln Road Girls School in 1923. The school was later to become Lincoln Road County Modern School for Boys and the buildings are still in place and in use today at the junction of Lincoln Road and York Road.

County School Heads (1954)

These three ladies were pictured at the golden jubilee of the County Girls School in 1954 and were all former (or current) headmistresses. From left to right, Miss Vail (1936-1946), Miss Mona Mathews (1946-1969) and Miss Kate Wragge (1904-1936).

Johnson’s Corner

The corner of Westgate and Lincoln Road in the 1960s showing newsagent/tobaconist/bookseller/stationer “Johnson’s Corner”.

Despite becoming a Grade II listed building in 1973, the only remains of the building today are parts of the foundations on and around a car park !

Clarke & Hobbs, Lincoln Road (1964)

Many thanks to Graham Hobbs for this image captured in 1964 of the top end of Lincoln Road where it meets Westgate.

Graham adds …. “this picture is of my father’s ‘Builder’s Merchant’ business. Clarke and Hobbs shop was at 5 Lincoln Road at the Westgate end. There was a warehouse situated at the back of the old Labour Exchange in Westgate occupying what is now the road that goes past the Brewery Tap. Strangely this shop is now the last building standing from those days in the 50”s and 60’s.”

Western Star Youth Club (1968)

Some of the leaders and members of the Western Star youth club which was based at the Lincoln Road Youth Centre having been previously at the Bishops Road Youth Centre and originally at Westgate Church Hall.

Left to right are Tony Self, Lesley Marshall, Janet Calverson, Ann Crowson, Mick Burn-Murdoch, Jeff Bryan, Dorothy Bowden and Verity Clements (sitting on the floor).