JH Duddington, Long Causeway (c.1900)

The JH Duddington store that sat on the corner of Long Causeway (right) and Cumbergate (left), pictured c.1900.

Tram #11 on Long Causeway

A wonderful Edwardian scene at the Long Causeway tram terminus as two immaculately dressed ladies prepare to board Car #11.

TL Barrett Invoice

An early sales invoice from the store of Tom Lawrence Barrett incorporating a wonderful scene full of artistic license given that his store opened in 1893 !

There were two Barretts stores on opposite sides of Long Causeway at the Midgate/Westgate junction ….. this would be the store on the corner of Midgate (left) and Long Causeway (right).

Trams on Long Causeway

A Newark and Walton tram stacked up at the terminus on Long Causeway – date unknown.

Tram on Long Causeway

An undated image showing an early tram at the Terminus on Long Causeway. Market Place would be behind the photographer to the right.

In the background left is the “Ladies & Childrens Outfitter” store run by Peterborough born Sarah Major and her daughter Alice Mary.

Trams on Long Causeway

A lovely Edwardian scene on Long Causeway highlighting the fashions of the era as well as two trams in the distance.

The store on the right is the impressive ironmongers of locally born Ernest Walter Amies (1874-1934).

Long Causeway

An Edwardian view of Long Causeway with the Cumbergate junction on the right. Date unknown.

Long Causeway – Wilfred Wood (1947)

A nice watercolour painting of Long Causeway at the junction with Cumbergate on the left.

The painting dates to 1947 and was produced by urban landscape artist Wilfrid Rene Wood (1888-1976).

Soldiers on Long Causeway (1914)

A rare postcard showing soldiers marching down Long Causeway on 6th December 1914, shortly after the start of the Great War.

The building on the right was the Canadian Immigration Office that contributed to more than 150,000 British citizens migrating to Canada each year, nearly 40% of the total immigration figure for the country.

Paten & Co., Long Causeway

Paten & Co at 32 Broad Bridge Street¬†and operating as a “wholesale & family wine, spirit, ale & beer bottlers”.

In later years, this would become the much loved Bull & Dolphin public house.