Market Place – Magic Lantern Slide

An early 1900s Magic Lantern slide showing Market Place. The Magic Lantern was a very early projector, originally for hand drawn slides and later for early photographs.

Cathedral Square Toilets

Familiar to so many Peterborians of a certain age ….. the underground toilets on Cathedral Square !

Market Place (1903)

A busy Market Place pictured in 1903.

Peterborough Cathedral – Tuck Postcard

A superb Edwardian postcard issued by Raphael Tuck & Sons who were one of the pioneers of artistic picture postcards, dating back to 1866 in Bishopsgate, London.

This card came from the Cathedrals Series issued c.1904.


Guild Hall

An unusually quiet market scene with just a handful of traders in front of the Guild Hall.

Market Place

An early Market Place image featuring a horse drawn cart belonging to builders merchant George Rippon of 128 Park Road.

Market Place and Church Street (1952)

Looking along Church Street in 1952 on what was evidently a market day.

Market Place – Wilfrid Wood

Market Place captured in a 1940s painting by urban landscape artist Wilfrid Rene Wood (1888-1976).


Queen Victoria’s Jubilee (1897)

Crowds gather on Market Place to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee in June 1897.

Crowds on Market Place

Crowds gathering on Market Place ….. date and reason unknown !

Just in front of the Guildhouse is a broadcasting unit marked “Northamptonshire Electric & Wireless Company”.