Smithfield Arms Inn, Midgate

The Smithfield Arms Inn on Midgate with Swan Place in the background and backing onto the cattle market. Date unknown.

Midgate (1963)

Looking along a quiet Midgate towards the junction with Long Causeway/Broadway/Westgate in 1963 with City Road to the left.

TL Barrett Invoice

An early sales invoice from the store of Tom Lawrence Barrett incorporating a wonderful scene full of artistic license given that his store opened in 1893 !

There were two Barretts stores on opposite sides of Long Causeway at the Midgate/Westgate junction ….. this would be the store on the corner of Midgate (left) and Long Causeway (right).

Tram on Midgate

A lovely Edwardian image showing a Newark tram heading along Midgate and about to swing round to the terminus on Long Causeway near Market Place.

On the far left is the “Midgate Glass & China Warehouse” of Somerset born Edmund Gill and his wife Sarah, who were operating from New Road in the 1880s but were in Midgate by 1900.

Midgate and Barrett’s Corner

Looking down Midgate in the 1960s from the junction with Long Causeway ….. known by locals as “Barrett’s Corner” because of TL Barrett’s department store on the corner.

During development work in late 2009, the old Barretts signage was uncovered by builders.

Midgate & Swan Place (1961)

A 1961 shot of a quiet Midgate looking up towards the Long Causeway junction. The road to the immediate right was Swan Place.

Midgate House Construction

Looking across Midgate to the construction site for what is now Midgate House.

All Change on Midgate

A fusion of the old (left) with the new (right) on a quiet Midgate. Undated but probably either late 1970s or early 1980s.

John Walton, Long Causeway/Midgate

The store of John Walton on the corner of Midgate and Long Causeway in the 1970s.


Jon Bryan, Midgate/Broadway

The store of Jon Bryan Fashions Ltd on the corner of Midgate and Broadway in the mid 1970s.