Peterborough City Football Club (1912/13)

Peterborough City FC posing for the cameras in the 1912/13 season. The club went on to merge with Fletton United FC in 1923 to form today’s Peterborough United FC.

Perkins Engines, Eastfield

A collection of undated images relating to Perkins Engines at Eastfield.

Barford & Perkins Motor Roller (c.1907)

An immaculate, albeit inappropriately, dressed driver on board a Queen Street based Barford & Perkins Motor Roller …… probably somewhere in Peterborough c.1907.

A15 Lincoln Road Map (1785)

A fascinating 1785 map showing the course of the Peterborough to Kingston upon Hull road (A15) which follows several Roman Roads and ancient trackways on its journey.

WW2 Air Raid Warden’s Helmet (1940)

A surviving tin helmet worn by a Peterborough Air Raid Warden, dated 1940 and carrying the Peterborough crest.

Tram Ticket

A 1920s Peterborough tram ticket.

“WKM” was ‘Workman’s Return’, which was a type of fare for early morning workers. It was cheaper than an ‘Ordinary Return’ (which is the “ORD”) in that you could travel further for your money.

The cheaper ‘Workman’s Return’ seemed to be a tram or trolleybus in most towns and cities and was done away with when diesel buses took over.

The “W” on the sides is just a place for the conductor to clip a hole for a Workmans fare, and “R” for an ordinary Return.

In the case of this ticket, it is a 6d single ‘In’ being an inward journey towards town.

A return ticket would be punched on each side, once on each leg of the round trip.

Peterborough Sea Rangers (c.1949)

A late 1940s image showing the city’s smartly turned out Sea Rangers.

The Sea Rangers began to appear in the early 1920s as a nautical wing of the Girl Guides Association and were well established across the UK by the time of WW2 at which point many became WRENS.

Although the Guides dropped the Sea Rangers wing in 1973, the Sea Rangers Association established themselves and continue to operate today.

Peterborough Tram #6

A lovely, if battered, photo of Tram #6 possibly at the Walton Terminus – date unknown.

Peterborough Police Football Club (1941)

The Peterborough Police football team captured in 1941.


Peterborough Army Cadets (1949)

Peterborough based Army Cadets pictured in 1949.