St Mary’s Church, New Road c.1906

The original St Mary’s Church on New Road was built in 1859/60 to serve the parishes of Eastfield, Boongate and Newark from where the tram would have been returning.

Sadly, the old church fell into a gradual state of disrepair and the last serving vicar, Rev. James Bates – who just happened to have experience in the building trade, saw the opportunity to sell off the church and its prime location land in order to fund a new St Mary’s on the site and, after a final service in the old church on 22nd October 1989, work began on the new building which opened in late 1991.

New Road c.1909

Taken from opposite the junction with Chapel Street (right) and showing the tram lines for the route out to the Newark Terminus with St Mary’s Church in the background [thanks to Roy Taylor for his input to this one].