Long Causeway (c.1905)

A busy scene on Long Causeway around 1905 with a Walton Tram returning to the city centre terminus. The image highlights the impressive width of the road which arose from it originally having a stream running down the centre of it.

Midgate Demolition

Looking along Midgate towards the junction with Long Causeway. Curtess Shoes in the distance is at 20 Long Causeway and is, in 2018, Greenwoods Menswear.

Market Place (c.1910)

Three smartly dressed gents with canes in hand walking across a quiet Market Place around 1910. Note the Ladies Cloakroom to the right of the Guildhall.

City Road

A late 1960s/early 1970s image showing City Road, probably close to where today’s Passport Office stands.