Crisps Wine Shop, Cumbergate – Wilfrid Wood

Crisps Wine Shop, later known as The Still public house, from a 1941 painting by urban landscape artist Wilfrid Rene Wood (1888-1976).

The building survives today as the Handmade Burger Company and the access way in the background would, today, lead you into the Queensgate Centre.

Disney Store, Queensgate (2002)

The Disney Store in Queensgate, pictured on 8th February 2002.

Disney opened its Peterborough store in 1995 but chose not to renew its lease in 2010 and closed in June of that year.

Queensgate Centre (1982)

Two images showing the inside of Queensgate during construction and one of the official opening on 18th November 1982 by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who was in the UK on a three day state visit.

Queen Street meets Queensgate

Where the old Queen Street met the new Queensgate shopping centre with the buildings soon to make way for the Argos store.

Before the Queensgate development this was the Grapevine public house and prior to that it was the Bays public house.

Thanks to Chris Allen for this image.

Crescent Roundabout

Coming off Crescent Bridge onto the developing Crescent roundabout with the embryonic Queensgate shopping centre site in the background. The photo would have been taken in the early 1980s.

Buried under Queensgate

A 2010 outline of the Queensgate centre superimposed onto a 1901 street map.

The southern Queen Street and Cumbergate routes both coincide with entry points to today’s shopping centre, as does the Cumbergate route on the Eastern side and the Queens Street route on the northern side.