New England Yard (1908)

New England Yard packed with GNR and private coal wagons in May 1908.

Double Headed Steam approaching Crescent Bridge

A pair of 1902 built Robinson J11 engines double-heading a northbound train under Crescent Bridge towards Peterborough North – date unknown.

Great War Procession (1914)

12th October 1914 and a waiting troop train at Peterborough North station far left.

Working on Crescent Bridge (1983)

A brave worker carrying out maintenance work on Crescent Bridge in 1983 !

Crescent Bridge Under Construction (1912)

Two images showing Crescent Bridge under construction in late 1912 with some of the workers posing for the cameraman.

Railway Pay Cheque

A metallic one-sided Peterborough Engineers railway pay check which were usually drawn from the wages office on a Thursday, prior to the Friday payday. The cheques would then be exchanged for a pay slip and the wages paid on signature.

Steam in Colour at Peterborough North

An undated colour image capturing York based Thompson A2 #60518 “Tehran” cruising southbound into Peterborough North station.

Deltic on the Nene Valley Railway (1991)

Class 55 Deltic #55015 “Tulyar” pulling the crowds on the Nene Valley Railway in 1991.


Peterborough North Station (1964)

A 1964 view under the canopy at Peterborough North Station.

Peterborough East Station (1963)

Peterborough East station in 1963 with a steam hauled Rugby train alongside a more modern Diesel Multiple Unit.