9F Heavy Freight Engine at New England (1960)

New England based 90 ton heavy freight BR 9F 2-10-0 #92183 under the water gantry in its home yard in 1960. This wonderful beast was built in 1957 and survived for a mere nine years before being withdrawn and cut up at Wath-on-Dearne in 1966.

Railway Water Troughs, Werrington

The old mainline water troughs near the Werrington junction which enabled steam trains to pick up water via a drop down metal chute while passing at speed.

B1 Steam at New England

Colwick based Thompson B1 class #61285 in wonderfully grimy condition in front of a familiar New England backdrop on New Years Eve 1964.

GNR Sheet Factory Plans (1894)

The original July 1894 linen based plans for the GNR tarpaulin sheet factories (in red) which are still standing strong off Albert Place in 2017.

Sir Nigel Gresley at Peterborough North (1967)

LNER A4 #4498 “Sir Nigel Gresley” pictured at Peterborough during the first year of its preservation in July 1967.

Oundle Station (1933)

Webb 2-4-2T #6601 pictured at Oundle in 1933. Built 30/09/1890 at Crewe, #6601 became #46601 and was scrapped in 1953 after serving many years on the Nene Valley line.

“Woodcock” at Peterborough North (1960)

New England based A4 #60029 “Woodcock” running light engine into Peterborough North in 1960.

“Lord Faringdon” at Peterborough North (1950)

LNER A4 #60034 “Lord Faringdon” cruising into Peterborough North with an up express train for Kings Cross in 1950.

GNR Ivatt F3 at New England (1920)

A superb 1920 image showing GNR Ivatt F3 #58A at New England. These engines dated well back into the latter 1800s and continued through to 1922.

J6 Outside New England Shed (1961)

Beautifully filthy New England based J6 #64253 sitting outside its home shed in February 1961 from where it was withdrawn in May 1962.