Peterborough North Station

A superb undated image of the frontage of Peterborough North Station with horse drawn taxis waiting to take arriving passengers into the city.

Last passenger train on the NVR (Jun 1966)

Diesel locomotive D5145 hauling the final passenger train on what is now the Nene Valley Railway in June 1966 – exact location unknown.

A1 Pacific leaving Peterborough North (1961)

A1 Pacific No. 60114 W.P. Allen departing Peterborough North station with a northbound train.

W.P. Allen was a prominent trade union official who began his railway career on the Great Northern Railway then became a member of the Railway Executive.  Naming a locomotive after such a person rather than directors reflects the fact that the A1s entered service during a Labour Government’s tenure. It was the only A1 to be named for eighteen months and the only one to carry a name while in apple green.

The engine was withdrawn from service on Boxing Day 1964 and was scrapped at Blyth, Northumberland in late 1965. 

Spital Shed (1930s)

A clean M&GN Class D 0-6-0 #65 sitting outside Spital Shed sometime in the 1930s.

Spital Shed was located on the Midland Road side of the line on the station side of Spital Bridge and was closed in 1959.

Moys Wagon Works Fire (1905)

Struggling to find any information about these other than the information on the rear of the photos stating “Moys Wagon Works Fire 1905″.

From what I can gather, Moys was situated somewhere across the railway lines from the Westwood (Baker Perkins) Works and presumably gave the name Moys End to one end of POSH’s football ground !

LNER Agent’s Card

An LNER business card belonging to a CC Poulter.

Peterborough North Station (late 1960s)

A late 1960s view from Crescent Bridge showing Peterborough North Station.

Nene Valley Railway (1960s)

Standing on Ham Lane in the 1960s looking along the Nene Valley Railway towards Peterborough. To the left of the lines today would be Ferry Meadows Station.

Great Northern Railway Ticket (1856)

A superb set of images showing a very early Great Northern Railway ticket for travel between London and Peterborough. The date of 1856 was only six years after the line first opened and only three years after the London Kings Cross terminal opened.

The term “corn factor” was defined as a person who “bought and sold corn on behalf of others”.

Edmund Powers was a corn miller based in Hitchin Street, Biggleswade and Charles T. Powers was his son.

Walton Signal Box and Crossing

This was the Great Northern Railway signal box at Walton crossing in the 1970s – one of two boxes at the site with a standard wooden Midland Railway box in the space between the GN lines and the Midland line. There was also a station on the Midland line here which closed in the early 1950s.

Each box had its own level crossing gates which were shut independent of each other. There was a small space between the gates where cows, which were on the way to and from milking at Browns farm just up the road, were sometimes trapped in between the two sets of gates – often with one or two cars waiting for the other set of gates to open !

In the 1950s and 1960s long trains with 9Fs and ex LNER 01s and WD 2-8-0s pulled long trains of wagons slowly over this crossing waiting to get into Westwood yard.

Road traffic tailed back at peak times in the late 1960s even before the hundreds of new houses which were put up for the new townships. When the new A47 Parkway road bridge opened, this crossing was closed making for a two mile diversion for cars but a foot bridge was built for pedestrians and cyclists.

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