Railway Ticket to Yaxley & Farcet

A Third Class ticket from Peterborough North to Yaxley & Farcet Station from 1947.

The station closed in 1959 but was sited just downline from Broadway on what is currently (2013) the Clarkdrain site, appropriately on Station Road.

Peterborough North Station (1963)

A Class 47 Diesel heads a Kings Cross express under the canopy into Peterborough North Station in 1963.

Peterborough East Station (1960s)

Peterborough East Station with its iconic Signal Box ….. pictured in the 1960s.

Peterborough East Station

Peterborough East Station pictured in the early 1960s.

Steam under Crescent Bridge (1913)

A steam hauled departure for Kings Cross departs Peterborough North Station’s canopy and under the newly opened Crescent Bridge in 1913.

Crescent Bridge and Crossing (1913)

Looking out from Peterborough North Station towards the newly opened Crescent Bridge in 1913 with the old and soon to be removed level crossing with closed gates in the background.


River Lane and Crescent Junction signal box

Crescent Junction signal box on the right and the site of the old level crossing to the left of the parked car. The photo was taken from River Lane which swings away to the right of the image. Date unknown but probably late 1960s or early 1970s.

Midland Railway Shed (c.1907)

An image from 1906/7 showing the Roundhouse at the Midland Railway’s┬áSpital shed.

New England Yard (1937)

Spent ash being removed from one of the pit lanes outside New England Shed in 1937.

British Sugar Corporation 0-6-0T No.2 (1970)

Pictured at work on the British Sugar Corporation sidings in 1970.

The Nene Valley Railway adds “engine No. 1800 was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1947 at about the time when Rev.W Awdry wrote his second book in which Thomas appeared. The little blue engine spent its entire working life at the British sugar Corporations’ Peterborough factory pushing wagons of sugar beet up an incline until the day came when a diesel engine replaced the steam power of “Thomas”. The Peterborough Railway Society purchased this delightful little engine on 9th September 1973 and he was moved to the Nene Valley Railway, where he has since delighted his friends and delighting children of all ages.”