Fly Ash En-Route to Fletton (1977)

A familiar site from the late 1970s as Class 47 #47331 approaches Peterborough station with a train of fly ash destined for the processing plant at Fletton.

V2 at New England Shed (1960)

Doncaster based Gresley V2 #60880 cooling down alongside New England Shed in late 1960.

[Photo by Ron Fisher]

Fletton Fly Ash Plant (1966)

Fletton Fly Ash Plant pictured in early 1966.

“Thomas” At British Sugar (1970)

1947 built Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T #1800 in the British Sugar Corporation sidings in July 1970, three years before it retired to the Peterborough Railway Society and subsequently Nene Valley Railway where it has delighted visitors young and old as “Thomas”.

“Mercury” at Peterborough North (1964)

Britannia Class #70020 “Mercury” attracting a crowd with a 1964 charter train at Peterborough North. “Mercury” was withdrawn from service in 1967 and cut up at Shettleston near Glasgow.

[Photo by Ron Fisher]

Class 47 Diesel at Peterborough (1968)

Brush Sulzer Type 4 (Class 47) #D1547 awaiting northbound departure in 1968. Built in 1962 and introduced to traffic in late 1963, D1547 was renumbered 47432 in July 1974 and was withdrawn in 1992 before being cut up at the Bristol Bath Road depot in September 1995.

D9000 “Royal Scots Grey” (1963)

Class 55 Deltic #D9000 “Royal Scots Grey” cruising through Peterborough North with a Harrogate to Kings Cross train in 1963.

D9000 was renumbered 55022 and was withdrawn in January 1982 but went straight into preservation and was initially based on the NVR at Wansford. In recent years, D9000 has revisited the East Coast Main Line on a number of charter trains.

Peterborough North Station (1967)

A local DMU service arriving at Platform 2 at Peterborough North in 1967.

Class 40 Diesel Awaiting Departure (1983)

Class 40 #40129 awaiting eastbound departure from Platform 4 in 1983, a year before being withdrawn and cut up at Doncaster.

“Mallard” at Peterborough North (1961)

LNER A4 #60022 “Mallard” taking on water before departure from Peterborough North in 1961.

[Photo by Ron Fisher]