A1 at Peterborough North (1961)

Peppercorn A1 #60157 cruises into Platform 2 at Peterborough North in 1961.

Built in 1941, this engine spent its later days based at Doncaster before being withdrawn in 1965. Today this same class maintains a presence on the East Coast Mainline via recently built #60163 “Tornado”.

Class 40 Diesel at Spital Bridge

Class 40 #40142 at the stabling point under Spital Bridge in 1977.

These engines were initially introduced for express passenger work but were rapidly demoted to primarily freight work in the northern half of the network. This particular engine was withdrawn in 1980.

Class 33s at Peterborough

A rare image from 1962 showing a brand new pair of Hither Green (London) based Class 33 diesels, D6577 and D6582, heading south towards Spital Bridge with New England Yard in the background.

These locomotives made their debut in 1961 and spent most of their lives on the Southern Region before being withdrawn in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

Photo by Charlie Verrall.

Deltic D9011 from Spital Bridge

Just eight months after its introduction to the East Coast Main Line, Deltic D9011 approaches Spital Bridge¬†on the 14th April 1962 with the 1E10 11:50 Harrogate – King’s Cross service. Just over a year after this photo was taken, the engine was named “The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers”.

In 1969, D9011 was at the centre of an “excessive speed” derailment near Morpeth that killed six people with only the engine itself remaining on the tracks. It was renumbered 55011 in 1974 and worked through to its last service train on 5th November 1981, after which it was withdrawn three days later before being cut up at Doncaster in December 1982.

Photo by Charlie Verrall.

Deltic Prototype at Peterborough North (1959)

Deltic prototype DP1 waiting at Peterborough North with a Kings Cross train in 1959.

DP1 first saw service in 1955 before being withdrawn and re-introduced with modifications in 1956, after which it went on to herald the order of 22 Class 55 Deltics to operate on the East Coast Main Line in 1959.

DP1 was withdrawn in 1961 after serious powerplant issues and was retired initially to the Science Museum in South Kensington and then, in 1993, to the National Railway Museum in York.

New England Yard (1952)

A wonderfully filthy Thompson A2 #60508 coming off New England Yard in 1952. The engine was originally based at Kings Cross and survived a rail accident at New Southgate in 1948 before becoming “one of ours” at New England Shed up to withdrawal in 1961.