“Baby Deltic” at Peterborough (1968)

“Baby Deltic” D5903 cruising into Peterborough North in 1968, just a few months before being withdrawn and subsequently cut up at a Kettering scrapyard.

The term “baby Deltic” came from the turbocharged Napier Deltic engine on board and to distinguish the nondescript class from the full on Class 55 twin-engined Deltics that became the East Coast Mainline workhorses for many years.

Class 109 Diesel at Peterborough East

1957 built Wickham two-car diesel multiple unit approaching Peterborough East station with Town Bridge in the background ….. date unknown.

Steam Breakdown Crane at Peterborough East

Steam Breakdown Crane #103 in the yard opposite Peterborough east station with POSH’s London Road ground in the background.

Peterborough North Station (1905)

A lovely old print showing Peterborough North station, sketched in 1905.

Spital Engine Shed (1935)

A wonderful shot inside the Spital engine shed in 1935.

Yarmouth Beach to Peterborough Rail Ticket

Third class or not ….. what a journey this would have been on many a lost line !

Deltic under Peacock Bridge (1977)

Class 55 Deltic #55020 “Nimbus” powers northbound under Peacock Bridge and passed the Bennie Lifts Factory in April 1977.

“Nimbus” was one of the first two Deltics to be withdrawn from service in the late 1970s and was cut up at Doncaster in 1978 albeit rumours in the rail world suggested she was being kept under wraps at Derby well into the 1990s as a possible prototype for a nuclear powered engine. This wonderful rumour was dispelled relatively recently when images of her 1978 destruction were made public !


Class 37 Mixed Freight (1971)

Class 37 #6782 takes a mainline mixed freight train from Carlisle into Peterborough Station in 1971.

Built in 1962, this locomotive was renumbered 37082 in 1973, 37502 in 1986 and 37602 in 1995 and still survives today (2014) where it works nuclear waste traffic from its long time base in Carlisle.

Class 40 Diesel awaits Departure (1973)

English Electric Class 40 #258 waits with a northbound departure in September 1973.

Built in 1960, this locomotive was renumbered 40058 in 1973 before being withdrawn from service in September 1984.

Peterborough Rail Scene (1939)

A magnificent railway panorama from 1939 showing the railway layout at the northern end of Peterborough North station.

Far left, awaiting departure, is LNER A4 Pacific #4900 “Gannet”.