Orton Waterville Station

Lovely undated image of Orton Waterville station looking westward towards the Ham Lane crossing just beyond the buildings. Originally known as Overton Station, it was renamed Orton Waterville in August 1913.

The station closed much earlier than most others on the line, ceasing passenger operations as early as 1942 although it continued to be used by railway workers until 1962 and for freight-only purposes until late 1964. Today, the Nene Valley Railway’s Ferry Meadows station sits just east of the site of the old station which was sited between today’s station and the Ham Lane crossing.

Demolition of Spital Coaling Tower (1960)

A nice set of images kindly provided by ex-Peterborian Geoff Sutton who comments, “you may be interested to see the attached set of photographs of the demolition of the Spital Bridge railway shed coaling tower in 1960. They are taken from the grounds of the (then) Co-op Dairy and Bakery ….. my father worked at the dairy. The demolition was performed on a Sunday morning and there were understandably quite a few spectators there to watch the action. The pictures were taken with a Kodak Brownie 127 with 8 frames per roll and fixed 1/30sec shutter speed !”

Ham Lane Crossing (Ferry Meadows)

Pictured in the late 1960s, the view is from Ham Lane towards Peterborough. To the immediate left was where Orton Waterville Station (formerly Overton Station) was sited – today the Nene Valley Railway’s Ferry Meadows station is sited from the point of the nearest telegraph pole centre-left.  

Steam off Westwood Bridge

A superb shot taken from Westwood Bridge looking across to Westwood Works with New England based 9F Class 92186 running light engine. The image was captured in 1958, seven years before the engine was withdrawn.

Class B1 Steam at New England (1961)

Class B1 No.61073 heading south alongside New England Yard in 1961. This 1946 built engine was based at New England right up to its withdrawal from traffic in 1963, after which it was moved to Norwich for cutting up in 1964.

Thanks to Martin for the following ……..

This photo is taken from Spital Bridge looking North. You can see Westwood bridge in the distance, the Baker Perkins works and water tower top left, and the large National Carriers building to the right. Toys R Us now stands on this site.

Peterborough East Station 1850

An excellent illustration showing Peterborough East Station in 1850, just five years after opening. 

Peterborough North Station

A superb undated image of the frontage of Peterborough North Station with horse drawn taxis waiting to take arriving passengers into the city.

Last passenger train on the NVR (Jun 1966)

Diesel locomotive D5145 hauling the final passenger train on what is now the Nene Valley Railway in June 1966 – exact location unknown.

A1 Pacific leaving Peterborough North (1961)

A1 Pacific No. 60114 W.P. Allen departing Peterborough North station with a northbound train.

W.P. Allen was a prominent trade union official who began his railway career on the Great Northern Railway then became a member of the Railway Executive.  Naming a locomotive after such a person rather than directors reflects the fact that the A1s entered service during a Labour Government’s tenure. It was the only A1 to be named for eighteen months and the only one to carry a name while in apple green.

The engine was withdrawn from service on Boxing Day 1964 and was scrapped at Blyth, Northumberland in late 1965. 

Spital Shed (1930s)

A clean M&GN Class D 0-6-0 #65 sitting outside Spital Shed sometime in the 1930s.

Spital Shed was located on the Midland Road side of the line on the station side of Spital Bridge and was closed in 1959.