Ticket to Yaxley & Farcet Station (1955)

A third class single ticket from Peterborough North to the old station at Yaxley & Farcet issued on 16th October 1955.

The station, which was sited just south of the Broadway Bridge, opened in 1890 as simply Yaxley Station before being renamed Yaxley & Farcet in 1895. It closed in the early part of 1959.

A2 Steam at New England (1958)

Class A2 #60514 “Chamossaire” receiving attention at its home base of New England in 1958.

Built in Doncaster in 1946 and initially based at Kings Cross, “Chamossaire” saw out its final workings based in Peterborough before being withdrawn and cut up back in Doncaster in 1963.

Railway Boat Launch (1941)

A boat being lowered onto the River Nene from a railway low-loader on 7th September 1941. The location is Black Bridge near Stanground.

“Golden Plover” at Peterborough North (1961)

LNER Gresley A4 #60031 “Golden Plover” coasts into Peterborough North with a northbound train in 1961.

Steam passing Walton (1963)

A wonderfully dirty Jubilee Class #45667 “Jellicoe” heading south alongside the Brotherhoods factory at Walton in 1963.

Walton Steam (1964)

New England based Ivatt 4F-A #43086 passing Walton and heading “home” with a mixed freight in 1964.

“Peterborough North” Signal Box

A recent curious sight in a reclaim yard near Murrow is this wonderful old signal box carrying a Peterborough North sign. The box was the Horsemoor intermediate sidings box from the Ely to March line. It was abolished on 13th November 1988 and the crossing automated. The structure was sold and dismantled before being reconstructed at Murrow.

The sign is almost certainly from the old Peterborough North Station.

Peterborough Railway Society (1972)

A Peterborough Railway Society “brake van special” on the British Sugar Corporation sidings in 1972.

Station Pilot under Crescent Bridge (1959)

The Peterborough North pilot engine, Beyer Peacock 0-6-2T #69258, pictured under Crescent Bridge in 1959 during its last full year before being withdrawn and cut up.

Mainline Express at Peterborough North

Mainline express 1901 style at Peterborough North in the form of 1884 built Stirling Single #776. These engines could haul express trains on the Great Northern Railway at between 50 and 85 mph.