HMS Sprat at the Customs House (1957)

Perkins diesel powered HMS Sprat moored alongside the Customs House in November 1957 during a visit to the city and to Perkins.

The Nene from Above (1931)

Wonderful aerial view of Peterborough and the Nene in 1931.

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Nene Star Boat Trips

The Nene Star based at Ferry Meadows shortly after the park opened and operating boat trips around the lake and for short distances out on the Nene around Milton Ferry. The Nene Star was built in 1980 by a Mr Wright from Kettering.

Peterborough from the South (1731)

An old print dating to 1731 and produced by the Buck brothers, well known 18th century engravers and printmakers.

Peterborough from the Air (1932)

Peterborough from the air in July 1932 showing the relatively unspoilt landscape east of the city.

Rock & Co Engraving

An old (c.1840?) steel-etched vignette engraving published by Rock & Co, London founded by William Frederick Rock (1801-1890). Most of his known works are from the south east of the UK and little is known of this engraving or the date.

Peterborough from the South West (1827)

An engraved image by the artist John Charles Varrall (1795-1855) and  dating to 1827, showing a view of the city from the south west which presumably places the site somewhere just upstream of Town Bridge.


Railway Boat Launch (1941)

A boat being lowered onto the River Nene from a railway low-loader on 7th September 1941. The location is Black Bridge near Stanground.

River Nene from the Embankment

An unusually busy scene looking upstream on the Nene towards Town Bridge from what would today be the Embankment.

Coffer Dam, River Nene (1937)

Two images showing the 1937 construction of a Coffer Dam downstream of the city to enable the laying of a main sewer pipe under the river bed. The dam would be a temporary river enclosure that would then be drained to enable the pipe to be laid.