City Arms, St Johns Street (1970s)

The City Arms on St John’s Street in the 1970s.


St John’s Street / New Road (c.1915)

This 1915 image is marked as St John’s Street but appears to be taken from what would today be the site of the Boongate roundabout with New Road branching off to the right and St John’s Street to the left.

The Peterborough – Newark tram line can just be seen emerging from New Road with the tram standard in the foreground.

Converted Corporation Dustcart (1940s)

A corporation dustcart pressed into a remodelled service as a Wardens rescue vehicle for the wartime effort.

Pictured in the early 1940s somewhere on St John’s Street.

City Council Street Cleaner

A superb image kindly sent in by Alan Cunnington of an early petrol driven street cleaner sitting at the Council Depot on St John’s Street.

Old Ambulance at Council Depot

A lovely image sent in by Alan Cunnington of an ambulance sitting at the old Council Depot on St John’s Street.

Alan (pictured in front of the vehicle) adds, “I think I would still be in awe if I saw this to day ! The benefit of living in the council depot in St John’s Street was that I could play in all the vehicles at the weekends. The building to the right of the ambulance was the coke tower at the gas works”.