Council Rat Catching Team (1942)

The council’s rat catching team pictured in 1942 with their day’s haul ! The photo was captured in the back yard of Station Chambers on St Leonard’s Street near to Peterborough North station.

Pocket Watch Back Papers (1890s)

A fascinating collection of back papers from inside Victorian pocket watches sold in the city centre. These include …….

  • Charles Norman, 30 St Leonards Street
  • George & James Noakes, Long Causeway
  • Francis Pinney & Sons, Narrow Bridge Street
  • Amos Dold, Narrow Bridge Street
  • George Hilson, Long Causeway

Margarets on St Leonard’s Street

Margarets store on the corner of St Leonard’s Street and Milton Street in the 1950s.

George Hotel, St Leonards Street (1970s)

The old George Hotel on St Leonards Street near the station in the early 1970s.

Bowerings Garage (1977)

Mr Bowering standing outside his garage on St Leonards Street near to the railway station as the footpath over Bourges Boulevard is constructed in the background. Sadly, his determined resistance to the inevitable redevelopment was not to last much longer !

St Leonard’s Street c.1967

The road emerging from the foreground would be the road to/from Peterborough North Station. St Leonard’s Street was lost in the building of Bourges Boulevard.

Premier Garage, St Leonard’s Street c.1913

Situated very close to Peterborough North railway station, these cars no doubt provided a service for visitors from GNR trains. St Leonard’s Street ran more or less on the course now taken by Bourges Boulevard between the Crescent Bridge roundabout and the Westgate roundabout and the buildings were lost during road construction in the early 1980s.