Hunts Cyclists Battalion

A superb set of four images showing recruits for the Hunts Cyclists Battalion marching down to Peterborough North Station and onto a train on 29th October 1914.

The Battalion were recruited to serve as a “home guard” operation based on the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire coast but this role proved largely irrelevant and short lived and many of the recruits were shipped out to the front line in Europe.

Crescent Bridge (c.1913)

The road in the foreground is Cowgate (right) leading into Thorpe Road (left) which up until just before this photo was taken (1913) would have taken people across the dual-gated Crescent Crossing. The horse drawn carriage is coming out of Station Road with the Crescent Bridge builders sign still present behind it. The Cleveland Bridge Engineering Co., Darlington is still a thriving business in 2014 !

Crescent Bridge 1913

The sign above the Lipton’s Tea board reads “Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company” which suggests this image was captured shortly after the bridge had opened. The road to the soon to be closed level crossing is off to the left.