Taverners Road

The junction of Westfield Road, Westwood Street and Taverners Road. On the left, a short way into Taverners Road, is Cyril Mundy’s Cycle Shop where many an ‘en route to Baker Perkins’ worker would frequent with their puncture problems. Probably dated to early 1960s.

From our Facebook group ……

  • Linda Aque Yes, this is at the bottom of the bridge. I remember the cycle shop. I can’t remember what the shop sold.
    • George MeadowsI don’t know about what Warwick’s was but going back to 1940 it was Hick’s grocers and off licence and in the early 60’s it was run by …….. Mr Westwood, and yes I remember him!
    • Stephen MamoneDoes not surprise me, George. I think the second word below Warwick’s reads “Ware” but my newly purchased magnifying glass is as much use as a chocolate fireguard 🙁
    • Richard MorrisThere was also on the left hand side where the fence is the St Marks School playing field opposite Jellings Builders .
    • Sue Kiddle MamonePurchased a house built by Jellings in 1972
    • Richard MorrisClifford Jellings were another good old fashioned local builders who I’m afraid don’t exist now ,more the shame .
    • Peter TibbsI think that’s Jellings Builders old yard ?
    • Peter TibbsI work there is an apprentice carpenter , thanks for the picture George
    • George MeadowsIt was Stephens picture Peter. So you would know Geoff then and there was also Norman who I remember from a long time ago.
    • Peter TibbsYes both of them, still see Geoff , he has some units in Fengate some one I know rents one, I also remember the lady on the main desk in Jellings as Millie back in the early 70s
    • Richard MorrisJellings built an extension to my parents garage in the late fifties , I am led to believe that one of the brickie’s was Ray Cook who later went on to run his own business from Crowland .
    • George MeadowsRay did work for us when he was with my cousin Cliff Jellings, there was also Alec/Alex the carpenter, also Nelson and Harry, do you remember them Richard?
    • Richard MorrisNo I don’t recognise those names , however my parents used Ray for quite abit of work when we we moved house to Thorpe Rd in the sixties , and when my father had the Eastern Cleaners factory in Crowland . He was a very good builder and a very nice man.




Medlock Grocers on Taverners Road (1960s)

Mrs Medlock’s grocers shop on Taverners Road just opposite the junction with Summerfield Road …… pictured in the 1960s.

Taverners Road in the 1960s

Looking up Taverners Road from the junction with Gladstone Street which, at this time and unlike today, had right of way at the crossing.

From our Facebook group ……

  • Judith Gow But where are all the sleeping policemen?? !!!!
  • Richard Morris Didn’t need them in those days , although this was a main thoughfare to town.
  • Donna Allen My brother , Chris Allen had to do a 3 point turn in taverners rd in his driving test !!! Many yrs ago obviously !!!
  • Judith Gow Was only joking…Taverners Road was a different road in  those days. As you say Richard they weren’t needed.  Went down it many a time.
  • Sue Kiddle Mamone Wasnt everywhere different then……….?
  • George Meadows The traffic priorities changed at the crossroads mid 60’s and one of our vehicles had a bit of a mishap there!
  • Doreen Campbell The Post  Office on the corner was Mr Peake had a daughter Enid  that was in the forties . .Showing my age !!
  • Paul Young I hadn’t realized that Gladstone Street once had priority as shown by the lines here.
  • Richard Morris Tommy Peake who was Chairman of Posh at one time !!!
  • George Meadows That’s Eastern Cleaners on the left hand corner Richard according to the 63 directory.
  • Mike Collins Remember it well!
  • Richard Morris Yes it is , I had forgotten we had a shop there , we also had an agency in Millfield but cannot remember which shop it was . This shop has been many things since those days . Well spotted George.
  • Stephen Mamone I’ve always been a Peters Cleaners man.
  • Mandy Chasney My Dad was Apprentice of the year at Baker Perkins in 1960 or it might have been 61. Miss the silhouette of that building!
  • Patrick Omalley This is in the seventies , my dad worked on the new baker perkins bulding in the distance,  great photo of the post office , used to sell  spud guns :))
  • Chris Allen This junction was where I did my 3 point turn on my driving test in 1973. It was mu much quieter then! On the other corner opposite Barnabas church was a sweet shop which used to sell Jungle Juice. I remember hanging over the rails of St Marks Junior School in Gladstone St trying to get one of the big boys to go to the shop as we were not allowed out. Another interesting fact is that there was not one Asian boy in the school in those days. The school athletic team pic is on my FB from around 1963.
  • Patrick Omalley I went to st marks too chris , great school , I think my head masters name was mr knight
  • Chris Allen Yes mr Knight was my class 5 teacher and Mr Griggs was the head. Disputes between boys were sometimes settled in the school Hall by giving them a huge pair of boxing gloves each and letting them have a go. I remember wearing them, they were really heavy and the fights never lasted long as you soon ran out of energy!
  • Claire Cade my mum used to work at st marks school ,in the late 50,s, and when i was about 20,i used to visit mr and mrs Griggs in there home,a very nice couple,on lincoln rd.
  • Chris Smalley Brill pic
  • Chris Allen Mr Griggs ran the school with a rod of iron.
  • Claire Cade Whats needed these days.
  • Claire Cade I remember every friday night going from that road ,into gladstone street,where there was a sweet shop and newsagents.My dad worked for stotts and sons,situated in north street,where wesgate house car park is now,and dropping off bundles of papers,to a lovely tall man,called mr craig,who always let me have a lollipop.
  • Chris Smalley Would that of been Peters Cleaners? Sorry just seen previous post Eastern
  • Paul Woodlock No, this is the view today
Paul Woodlock's photo.
    • Paul Woodlock Unless peter’s cleaners moved 🙂
    • Sue Pearce My route to and from school from Walpole Street – first to St Mark’s Infants, then to Cromwell Rd Juniors followed by the County Girls.  I once got shouted at by a policeman for not stopping properly on my bike at this halt sign and he gave me a ticking off.  It frightened the life out of me because I thought he was going to come to my house to tell my parents!!!
    • Donna Allen Does anyone remember the alarm that was sounded twice every morning from Baker Perkins ? Think it was about 7.25 am ….. Heard it in our house , Alexandra rd…  Fair bit away!!
    • Sue Pearce Yes Donna, we called it ‘the buzzer’ which told the workers that it was time for work.  I think it sounded once at 5 mins before work and then again when they should have been at work – not only at 7.25/7.30 in the morning but also when they started back after lunch.  It sounded very loud in our house in Walpole St.
    • Sue Kiddle Mamone There was a Peters Cleaners on Mayors Walk corner of Midland Road ?
    • Sue Pearce I’ve also remembered Mundy’s cycle shop on the RH side of the road between the post office and Clarence Rd.  It was owned by Cyril Mundy who belonged to (I think) the Clarion Cycling Club.  He used to own a penny farthing bike and when he rode it he used to dress up in period clothes of the day.  I’m sure there are some photos of him.
    • Stephen Mamone Yes, and also down Newark Rd (opposite Webb’s fishing tackle), Broadway and Lincoln Road (nr The Crown). I remember their Flash service in 2 hours! Peter Grist was the owner.
    • Stephen Mamone Yes, apparently Cyril made a fortune repairing Baker Perkins workers who cycled en route to work from places like Willesden Avenue. A few weeks ago I posted an obscure photo of his shop with Jellings Builders in the picture as well.
    • Sue Pearce I must have missed that – I’ll try and find it.
    • Donna Allen There is still peters Cleaners on Midland Road , one of mine and Chris”s neighbours also belonged to the penny farthing bike club , his name was Mr Wright , one of his sons is Neville Wright who started a baby shop at the Triangle ( might of been called Rainbow?) … Who went on to grow and became Kiddicare !! Fairly recently sold to Morrisons!
    • Chris Smalley Yeah didn’t he move Kiddicare to the old Co-op in Werrington after the triangle?
    • Katherine Ashwell My Nan & Gramps Lillian & Hubert Aldridge ran  the post office in the ’60’s and Mum took over probably mid ’70’s for a few years. I remember the newsagent diagonally opposite being Howard & Kath Eagle. I went to Sunday School at St Barnabas and brownies in a little black and white church hall. All looks very different now!
    • Donna Allen Yes he did Chris , it’s mahoosive now , near Hampton.
    • Donna Allen I worked in the little black and whit church hall Katherine until it was knocked down and we moved into the church which was refurbished !! I work for Family Action …. However it has been bought by council now and school have it all ….. Very different times eh?
    • Chris Smalley Yeah I passed it the other day huge
    • Richard Morris I knew Mr Knights when he was Headmaster of St Marks through work , our department used to maintain his grounds and the old sports field on the side of Westwood Bridge , in fact afew later years my sister taught there , Mrs Shelagh Nightingale who then went on to teach at Longthorpe Primary .
    • Jane Abbott Can anyone recall the big old clock on the outside wall of a house in Gladstone Street?  It was opposite English Street, and I’d love to know the history of it, if any knows?
    • June Garth Wasn’t that close to the cobbler?
    • Margaret Ellington It belonged to a family called Grumow. The father and son (Jim) both worked at Baker Perkins.
    • Sue Pearce Yes, I remember it – the family were called Grunow. Their house was between Silverwood Rd and Windmill St almost opposite English St.  There was a Smith’s bakery and shop along there.
    • Patrick Omalley I lived across the road from the clock house , I think I remember they were a german family
    • Sue Pearce Yes Patrick, I’m certain they were.
    • Stephen Mamone Just going off on a slight tangent but didn’t there used to be a wine-making/home brewery shop down Silverwood Rd? Was there for many years….
    • Jane Abbott Thanks to all for the info on the clock.  I’ll try and find out why he put it up.
    • George Meadows Yes that’s right Stephen, had a couple of goes at wine and beer making but decided it was better to buy it ready made, and it tasted better too!
    • Stephen Mamone I think the clock was put up so people could read the time ! 😉
    • Stephen Mamone Here is the wine-making shop in 2009. It’s says open but certainly not for business judging from the photo – a sad, forlorn sight…
Stephen Mamone's photo.
  • Margaret Ellington Before Peters Cleaners there was a Paddy Hopkirk shop – anyone remember that.
  • Richard Morris Yes ,that was the corner of Midland Road/Mayors Walk.
  • Claire Cade I should remember it margaret, as i walked past that shop,on my way to school for years,was it a flower shop?
  • Margaret Ellington No he was a racing driver and sold car and driving stuff.
  • Claire Cade maybe that was before 1968 then.
  • Margaret Ellington Yes Clair you were just a twinkle. hehe
  • Richard Morris He won the Monte Carlo Rally on several occasions using mini cooper’s and was very well known in the Town , his shop was there for some years when I was growing up in the sixties .
  • Claire Cade margaret ,i was 6 then,quite a big girl 🙂 think i can only remember the cleaners, and your house,and the morleys home,where i wud pop in . 🙂
  • Richard Morris Talking about West Town who remembers Rolph’s Stores on the corner of Mayors Walk and Nicholls Ave , Walter and his Mother who always used to thank you with a ” thanking you missus or mister ” , also I used to have my hair cut at Les Clipson opposite – anybody else??
  • Claire Cade Rolph,s was our sweet shop stop every morning,on the way to the bus stop,and the reason for my fillings ,every sweet you wanted was in that shop!!
  • Claire Cade i used to spend my paper round money in it 🙂
  • George Meadows Yes, remember Paddy Hopkirk being there.
  • Richard Morris Can you also remember the fruit and veg shop opposite Rolphs on Aldermans Drive corner ,what was it called just cannot remember at the mo .
  • George Meadows It was Mervyn Stapleton’s shop in my day Richard
  • Richard Morris Thats him , then round the corner was Freeman’s fish and chip shop who originally ran the one in Percival Street .
  • Ruth Smith Peters the cleaners is still open,  fruit and vege shop is still there it’s called Caroline’s now still looks the same inside they took over from Merv Stapleton Rolphs  is run by an local Asian family the fish and chip shop is still round the corner , …See More
  • Richard Morris George , did you supply all these Fish and Chip shops with spuds , another one I used to use was Millers in Gladstone Street , I assume now a foreign food takeaway !!!!!
  • Ruth Smith Frank Tebs took the one over in Percival street from Freemans when they went to Aldermans drive then Linfords had Aldermans drive
  • Richard Morris When I worked for the Council I dealt with several of the past head teachers one that comes to mind is Mr A. Byfield and I also knew Mrs T Durance and well before that Eric Sutton who went onto be the first head teacher of Thorpe School , did you know some of those ?
  • Ruth Smith Mr Sutton was at west town when I was there as a child,  my brothers had Mr Byfield my children had Martin Creasy , and Thelma Durance my grandchildren had Nikki Cherry.
  • Ruth Smith I worked for Martin , Thelma and Nikki
  • Richard Morris I forgot about Martin Creasey , I did deal with all of them except Nikki with reference to their sports field requirements and grounds maintenance as I was a foreman on the Parks Department in those days and we did that job on behalf of the Education Authority .
  • Judith Gow I worked at West Town school for 33 years.  Mr Byfield was the Head Teaxher when I joined in 1977.  He retired in 1980, moved to the Lake District and sadly died last year at the age of 93!  Mr M Creasey then became Head Teacher, followed by Mrs Durance. West Town School will soon become an Academy. The Head Teacher now is Mrs Dooley.
  • Ruth Smith Thanks Judy just could not think of the new heads name
  • Richard Morris I didn’t know he had died , I know he moved away as he did live in Longthorpe Village nr the Green , an Academy and new school planned , everything looking good.
  • Ruth Smith Claire Cade remember this
  • Ruth Smith's photo.
  • Claire Cade No ruth, i dont think so ? although i had a friend who had one,and i used to go on it,in her home . Not quite as posh as that one.
  • Ruth Smith This rocking horse  has been at west town school for years but was stored away what years where you there Claire
  • George Meadows Richard Morris – the chip shops tended to have their own suppliers but they did come to us sometimes. We used to go to Dusty Millers, he drove a Volvo and used to come to the Castor Royal Oak where he was known as the Saint!!!
  • Claire Cade No ruth,i walked down mayor,s walk ,to the bus stop ,to go to st thomas more,infant and junior school,approx 3 miles away,i never went to west town,but lived in lea gardens,left school in 1978. 🙂
  • Claire Cade then to st john fisher.
  • Claire Cade although your profile pic looks familiar,so have maybe seen you.
  • Ruth Smith Are now I see why you don’t remember it Claire
  • Ruth Smith Claire what was your mums name
  • Claire Cade val McNamee
  • Ruth Smith Thought it might be I met your mum years ago I think she worked at the hospital at the time
  • Claire Cade mum was born in peterborough,above the triangle.yes she worked in the dining room,evenings.
  • Ruth Smith I remember her having short dark hair and really attractive 🙂
  • Chris Allen Yes she was and still is. I had a schoolboy crush on Mrs Macbamee!
  • Claire Cade yes that sounds right,ruth.Chris ,i was laughing with my dad today,as i was looking at all her old boyfriends photos etc ,german pen friends ,hundreds lol ,my poor dad,hes got none of his 🙂
  • Chris Allen Excellent x
  • Richard Morris Your father must have been Peter Macnamee who I used to watch play for Posh and of course scoring the winning goal against Arsenal !!!
  • Judith Gow ….and wasn’t your dad the left winger (no. 11) , played for Posh, when they really were Posh in the good old days….early ’60’s. Peter McNamee?
  • Claire Cade yes he is,hes 79 now,and his old knees are playing him up,quite a lot so limping,but i think last week,he was on the golf course.
  • Judith Gow That’s great. I used to go to every match, still go sometimes but you can’t beat the old Midland League and early days in the football league. I remember all the players from those days. Can’t believe he’s 79, can still picture him playing as if it was yesterday, him on the left Billy Hails on the right and Jack Walls in goal……remember many more too……..not forgetting of course Norman Rigby. Happy Days!
  • Richard Morris I can also remember when I worked in Town seeing him walking between the banks when he had retired from football , golf seems to be a great pick me up , I have a customer who is 90 and he still insists on doing nine holes every week .At least it keeps the muscles moving !!!
  • Richard Morris The team I remember was : Walls, Whititaker , Walker , Rayner , Rigby , Ripley , Hails , Smith , Bly , Emery , Mcnamee , 4th Division days , who replaced Emery when he had his car crash ??
  • Claire Cade Yes judith,i was taking  to every home game , as a young girl,in the changing rooms to 🙂 yes went to billy hails home a lot for tea,with his lovely wife jean,and picked norman rigby up often in my dads car ,so many memories,and one of dads best friends ellis stafford,who is no longer here. Yes richard, dad worked at the bank to after football,dad only plays a few holes now.
  • Judith Gow Was it George Hudson, I know he was a centre forward tho’. Eliis Stafford was a fullback before Whittaker wasn’t he?
  • Claire Cade i just rang dad lol,think it was george hudson.
  • Richard Morris I didn’t know Ellis had died , I knew him years ago , yes Ellis was full back before Dick Whittaker and yes it was George Hudson , a bustling forward who got stuck in !!!!
  • Claire Cade yes Richard about 5 yrs ago,we still see eileen his wife,my godmother.
  • Richard Morris I used to see him when he was the Commercial Manager .
  • Judith Gow Sadly I had heard Ellis had died. You must have so many happy memories Claire. I can remember rusing  home from school to do my homework when there was an evening match so I would be allowed to go.  We used to stand in London Road end almost behind the…See More
  • Judith Gow * rushing
  • Ruth Smith Judy we are not as old as some but a little older than others
  • Judith Gow True Ruth, but it only seems like yesterday, such lovely memories!
  • Claire Cade I do judith have lots of memories, i used to go over to the american air base quite a bit,with ellis and my dad,on sundays i think,to watch the boxing etc, But a few footballers brought a bungalow in lea gardens,so i was always in there homes,Peter Dea…See More
  • Claire Cade Also Danny Reilly,a scottish player,one of my dads friends,his daughter claire and me ,were friends together,danced together,and i spent happy times around there home as well.
  • Chris Smalley What a fabulous thread ladies and gentlemen…..


Gladstone Street/Taverners Road (c.1910)

A wonderful scene marked as with bicycles sharing the road with horses ! Marked as Gladstone Street but it does look more like Taverners Road with Gladstone Street crossing left to right with the Post Office on the right.

Gladstone Street (c.1908)

Looking ahead along Gladstone Street with Taverners Road crossing left to right. The Post Office on the left is still there in 2014 and is still the local Post Office !