Town Bridge and River Nene (c.1930)

An aerial shoot looking down on the Town Bridge in the last days before building work started on today’s river and rail bridge. Peterborough East station is just in shot top right while the newly opened (1929) Power Station is out of shot bottom left with coal wagons being served up from the main line.

Town Bridge Procession

Crowds grabbing every vantage point to watch a procession over Town Bridge. Date unknown but every likelihood that this is the official opening of the “new” Town Bridge in 1934.

Bridge Street Wharf

A wonderful undated image showing the Town Bridge end of Bridge Street and the Customs House wharf which is today lost under the current Town Bridge. On the right of the wharf appears to be some form of chute for loading up vessels.

Dismantling Town Bridge (1933)

Wonderful image showing the dismantling of the old iron Town Bridge in 1933. The new concrete Town Bridge, which we know today, was positioned slightly downstream of the previous bridge and is just visible in the background right.

Town Bridge

The old Town Bridge captured from the “Rivergate” bank looking downstream towards what is now the Embankment area.

Town Bridge (1860s)

A very tired but very old photo of the wooden Town Bridge in the 1860s showing the wonderful but rather precarious looking wooden supports !

Town Bridge (1860s)

A very early image showing the original wooden Town Bridge captured in the 1860s by local painter/decorator Charles Colls.

The view is looking towards the Embankment with T Hill’s Wharf in the background right.