Aston Martin at Wansford (1960)

A lovely vintage 1935 Aston Martin sitting outside the old post office at Wansford in 1960.

B1 Steam at New England

Colwick based Thompson B1 class #61285 in wonderfully grimy condition in front of a familiar New England backdrop on New Years Eve 1964.

Elephants at Polebrook !

A battered old but undated image showing Robert Brothers Circus elephants outside the Kings Arms, Polebrook where they have been based since just after the war.


Bell Inn, Stilton (1964)

A local baker awaits outside The Bell at Stilton in 1964.

Car 14 At Walton

A battered old image showing tram car #14 at the Walton Terminus on Lincoln Road.


Thorney in the early 1900s – exact location unknown but the walls might suggest somewhere close to the Abbey.

After the Storm, Thorney Causeway (1916)

Storm damage on The Causeway near Thorney in 1916.

Floods Near Glinton (1912)

This one is marked as being near Glinton after the August 1912 storms and subsequent floods and may well be around the Nine Bridges area on the road to Market Deeping.

Steam Roller Crash, Wansford (1912)

A superb 1912 image capturing a steam roller coming very close to crashing through Wansford bridge and into the River Nene below.

Newborough Harvest (1912)

A gloomy group of small holders in Newborough attempting to salvage the harvest after the infamous floods of August 1912.