Chestnut Close, Peakirk

Thanks to Henry Clark for this lovely early 1900s photo of his old house at 2 Chestnut Close in Peakirk along with a modern day shot of the extended house.

Eye Green Signal Box

The M&GN Eye Green signal box in front of the Northam Brickworks …. date unknown.

Church Lane, Sawtry

A view down Church Street in Sawtry. Date unknown but may be a view from the junction with High Street.


Sawtry Corn Mill

An early 1900s photo of Sawtry corn mill off Green End Road near the junction with Gidding Road and, below, sacks of corn being loaded in the yard onto trucks from Lough Transport of nearby Holme.

Sawtry Green (1909)

The Green at Sawtry pictured in 1909.

The Bell, Sawtry

A 1930s image showing The Bell at Sawtry along with a modern day image below.

Sir Harry Smith School Prospectus (1954)

Pages from the 1954 and first school prospectus for the newly opened Sir Harry Smith School in Whittlesey.

Opened in 1953 on the former site of the Whittlesey Workhouse, the school was named after 19th Century English Army General Sir Harry Smith who was born in Whittlesey, and whose grave is situated in the cemetery adjacent to the school. The school was renamed a Community College in 1971.

Walton (School ?) Football Club (1949/50)

From the ages, this may well be Walton School football team captured during the 1949/50 season.

Wilcocks Garage, Sawtry

A battered car from a crash on the Great North Road being towed into the nearby garage of CM Wilcocks in Sawtry who also ran a roadside cafe in a building just out of the top picture to the left.

Lincoln Road Tram Depot

An unmarked and presumably new tram carrying a Walton signboard outside of the Tram Depot on Lincoln Road which still survives as a bus depot in 2016 (see below).