Ailsworth (c.1911)

An evening shot capturing a location in Ailsworth village around 1911.

Mark Smith adds, “That is Kek Cottage (white with thatch roof and opposite what is now the dentist surgery) at the top of Main Street in Ailsworth.

The photo is taken almost on the corner where Main Street goes round into the top of Maffit Road. There was a pig farm just out of shot on the right and in the field behind the cameraman was a small pond. A travelling circus used to pitch up there once a year to entertain the villagers.”

Pauley Wheelwrights, Orton Waterville (1911)

Sutton born John Pauley and his sons were wheelwrights based in Orton Waterville in the early 1900s. This photo of a cart belonging to Longthorpe born John Samworth, who was a farmer at Orton Waterville, was used by John Pauley to send a message in 1911 to Ailsworth Grocer/Baker/Farmer Harry Sharpe and confirmed the imminent return of his cart.

Main Street, Ailsworth

An undated image showing six smartly dressed young ladies standing on the top end of Main Street in Ailsworth. All of the buildings on the left remain in use today, around 100 years after this image was captured.

The Wheatsheaf, Ailsworth (1960s)

A 1960s image showing the Wheatsheaf in Ailsworth. Dennis Taylor, who kindly supplied the image, added “the bedford minibus in the background (far left) belonged to my uncle Cecil Taylor who used it as the Milton school bus to Castor School amongst other things”.

Ailsworth in the Sixties

Ailsworth village green and bus shelter in the 1960s.

Many thanks to Dennis Taylor for supplying this image.

Frank Taylor’s Transport – Ailsworth

The yard of Frank Taylor’s Transport in Ailsworth with an old army lorry apparantly about to be taken off to a museum.

Many thanks to Dennis Taylor for this image. 

Ailsworth – Barley Mow

Looking west along Peterborough Road with the Barley Mow pub in the foreground left.

Ailsworth – Peterborough Road

Looking towards Castor on the Peterborough Road with the Wheatsheaf pub in the distant right.

Ailsworth Green 1915

Local villagers pose to perfection for this shot up Main Street taken across the Green from the Peterborough Road. 

Ailsworth – Main Street 1910

Looking up Main Street from close to the junction with Peterborough Road. Centre stage is a horse drawn repaer-binder used for cutting crops and bundling them up into tied sheaves.