Barnwell Floods

An undated image showing the village of Barnwell in flood. The photo was taken outside of the Montagu Arms public house immediately to the right of the photographer with the Barnwell Brook flowing away from the camera on the far left of the floodwater.

Barnwell Station (1960s)

Barnwell railway station pictured in the late 1960s, a few years after its closure in 1964.

Visitors to the Nene Valley Railway’s HQ at Stibbington/Wansford might recognize the building as being the waiting room on the westbound platform which is where the Barnwell station building was uprooted and moved to !

Barnwell Station – Late 1950s

Barnwell Station was opened in 1845 and closed on the 4th May 1964.

The station building – the roof of which can just be seen on the far right of the image – was erected in 1884 for the use of the Royal family when visiting Barnwell Manor, the home of the Duke of Gloucester. After the closure of the line in the early 1970s, the building was carefully removed and re-sited as the main waiting room at the Nene Valley Railway HQ at Wansford.