Brigstock (c.1905)

Three lovely images showing Brigstock village and Brigstock Manor from around 1905.

Brigstock, Sunnyside

Marked as “Sunnyside” in Brigstock, I believe this was the home of the very substantial Rowell family. The head of the family was listed as a “fellmonger” – a dealer in hides or skins and particularly sheepskins.

Brigstock (1908)

An unknown location in Brigstock from around 1908.


Brigstock village (1906)

Brigstock village captured around 1906.

Brigstock – Post Office (1906)

The Post Office (near right) in Brigstock captured around 1906.

Brigstock (1924)

Brigstock village pictured in 1924.

Farming Woods, Oundle

This mansion, sited at Brigstock near Oundle, was originally known as Farming Woods and then Farming Woods Hall before becoming Fermyn Woods Hall. The Hall was the home of the Lyvedon family for many years and carries their family crest. The building survives today and was last reported as an “upmarket B&B” !!!