Conington Gardeners

A lovely group photo of an Edwardian gardening team somewhere in or near Conington. Highly likely to be staff at Conington Hall.

RAF Glatton Pass Form (1946)

An RAF pass form granting permission to leave base for a trip to a hospital at Nelson, Lancashire in 1946.

Glatton (actually Conington but named Glatton to avoid confusion with Coningsby!) was used by the USAAF as a bomber base through to August 1945 after which it was returned to the RAF’s Bomber Command until being closed and sold off in 1948.

Newall Engineering at Glatton Airfield

Peterborough based Newall Engineering had a permanent wartime presence at the T2 Hangar on the B17 bomber base at Glatton (Conington) Airfield where they worked on reconditioning and repairing the base’s machine tools.

Conington Castle (c.1912)

A rare shot of Conington Castle from around 1912. The castle was situated just south of Conington, a mere stone throw from the present A1(M) and dated, in part, back to the 1500s. Conington Castle was demolished in 1953 but a former stable block and Butlers accommodation remain and have been turned into a family home called Conington House which is now owned by the Rochester Bridge Trust Foundation.