Deeping St James (c.1905)

A wonderful image showing Church Street in Deeping St James around 1905 with the Drapers/Grocers of John and Jane Shillaker near right. John died in 1903 so it was Jane who was running the store by the time of this photograph.

Deeping St James

Looking along Bridge Street alongside the River Welland in Deeping St James with the old Manor House on the right.

Deeping St James Tower Mill

An undated image showing the old Deeping St James corn mill which used to stand close to today’s junction of Broadgate Lane and Hereward Way and was demolished in 1960.

Deeping St James Station (1963)

A set of images showing Deeping St James railway station on 14th January 1963.

The station closed to passengers on 11th September 1961 but remained open for goods traffic until 15th June 1964. In 1995 there was a local campaign to re-open the station which is, however, rather remote, being a over a mile from The Deepings. It’s also on the ‘wrong’ side of the centre of population which didn’t help the case to get it reopened. A short branch to the village was suggested and plans were drawn but all the proposals came to nothing.