Dogsthorpe Tramlines

An undated image showing the Dogsthorpe tramlines heading left along Dogsthorpe Road towards the distant terminus near the Bluebell Inn. The road to the right is Elmfield Road and the image is captured from what would today be close to the Fire Station forecourt.

Dogsthorpe (c.1916)

Dogsthorpe captured around 1916 looking down what would today be St Paul’s Road with Welland Road to the right of the photographer. A slight turn to the right would also show the Blue Bell Inn.

Prefab Housing on Welland Close

Prefabs pictured on Welland Close and kindly submitted by Ruth Smith who adds, “this was at the end of Welland Close where I think there was a cut through to Bluebell Woods. This picture shows myself and the McAlpine sisters whose Dad was Neville McAlpine who was Mr Posh at Peterborough United FC. I remember Christine and Francis but not sure of the other sisters name …. brother was Tom”.

From our Facebook group …….

  • John Newell An amazing photo Ruth. There were a large number of Prefabs in this area. I remember they were in Shakespeare Drive, Cowper Road, but I particularly remember the ones in the Brotherhood’s Sports field, just inside the St. Pauls Road gates, now the entrance to Eaglesthorpe!
  • Ruth Smith Oh yes john the ones off St. Paul’s rd I walked past them going thorough a cut to fulbridge rd school I lived in Rock Road
  • John Newell Ah! Fulbridge Rd school! Went there from 1951 to 1957 then to Lincoln Road. Born in Vere Road opposite the Northfields Pub!
  • Ruth Smith I was born  in peveril rd went to fulbridge in 1953 then moved to rock rd then aldermans drive then went to west town school my husband went to fulbridge then Lincoln rd boys
  • Richard Morris I was born in Cecil Rd corner with Dogsthorpe Rd in 1949 , who remembers the old lady with her motorbike/sidecar who had a garden nursery in Exeter Rd – I used to use my tricycle to get to the shop on Cecil Rd/Peveril Rd corner.
  • George Meadows Was that Parker’s shop in Cecil Road? The other one I can remember around there was Weald’s Exeter Road.
  • Richard Morris Yes it was , I couldn’t remember the name, and Wealds on Exeter Road is the Post Office.
  • John Newell Pleased to hear the post office is still there
  • Andy Jackson my first paper round was for Wealds on Exeter Rd.
  • Christine Wadsley Cunningham My gran and grandad lived in Cecil Rd, the Wadsleys, no 28. Ruby and Albert.  My dad is Keith born 1935. You probably know them
  • Richard Morris. My gran always walked straight past Parkers and went to Wealds, she thought Mr Oarker was rude and his prices exorbitant!
  • Sue Whaley I used to go to Fulbridge Infant and Junior school with Robert Weald, his dad owned the Post Office, lovely shop and family.
  • George Meadows Mr Weald used to come to our warehouse to buy his wholesale fruit & veg. Customers who collected got 2.5% discount, try working that out in £sd you youngsters, no calculators then!

Dogsthorpe Crossing

The railway crossing taking the Midland & Great Northern Line over Welland Road ….. probably captured in the early 1950s.

 Today (2014) you would be approaching the Dogsthorpe “Household Recycling Centre” (aka “Dogsthorpe Tip” !) on your right with the line following almost precisely the road into the facility. Just through the gates on the immediate left is Newborough road which used to branch off at this point before the Paston Parkway and new A47 were constructed which removed this junction …… although the short length of truncated road is still in existence in the undergrowth next to Welland road. The chimneys and buildings in the distance were the Star Pressed Brickworks.

The railway was closed to passenger services in late 1957 although a daily “brick train” continued to work eastbound from the Dogsthorpe Sidings into the 1960s.

Dogsthorpe Pond

Looking across from the grounds of Lawn House towards the front of the Bluebell Inn at Dogsthorpe. In 2014 this would be the site of the Fire Station/Gymnasium.

Star Pressed Brick Company, Dogsthorpe (1904)

The Dogsthorpe Star Pressed Brick Company site pictured in 1904 with railway trucks in the foreground.

The company later became the Star Brick Company in 1915 and was owned by the same family who owned the London Brick Co. Ltd. who formerly took it over in 1923/4.

In 1997, ownership of Dogsthorpe Star Pit was transferred to the Wildlife Trust. Water was pumped out of the pit to restore the shallow pools so important for wildlife.