Elton Green

The village green at Elton with a nice traction engine parked up outside one of the cottages.

Elton, Duck Street

Looking along Duck street in Elton village with the green to the left of the image. Date unknown.

Elton Railway Station (1950s)

A 1950s shot showing Elton Railway Station which was on the road from Elton out towards Nassington.

The station had two facing platforms with a small two storey building incorporating the stationmaster’s house, waiting room and booking office on the down side of the line. A gents toilet was attached to the building and a timber ladies waiting room was provided on the up platform.

There was a small goods yard on the site, comprising one siding and a weighbridge. Although the station survived into British Railways ownership it was little used with five down trains and three up trains on weekdays with no Sunday service and most trains, in general, not stopping at Elton.

The station closed to all traffic in December 1953

Elton Railway Station (1960s ?)

The site of Elton Railway Station which opened in 1847. There was a small goods yard comprising one siding and a weighbridge. Although the station survived into British Railways ownership it was little used with five down trains and three up trains on weekdays with no Sunday service. Many trains didn’t stop at Elton. The station closed to all traffic on 7 December 1953.

The station site was midway along the Elton to Nassington road and, although heavily overgrown, the platforms and part of the level crossing gates can still be found in 2014.

Elton Station

Elton station opened in 1847 and closed in 1953 to passengers. In 1846, the line, along with the London and Birmingham, became part of the London and North Western Railway. At grouping in 1923 it became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway.

Elton was the last station along the line before crossing the border into Northamptonshire towards Oundle.


Elton Post Office 2011

Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 27th April 2011 ……..

A Councillor has vowed to campaign to save a village post office after it was announced the branch will close.

The branch in Middle Street, Elton, near Peterborough, will close for the final time on Saturday when the lease on the building comes to an end. The Post Office has said it is trying to find a new location to reopen a branch in the village at a future date but Councillor Nick Guyatt, Huntingdonshire District Council ward councillor for Elton and Folksworth, said it was vital that the service was kept in the village.

He said: “The post office is the focal point of the village, alongside the church and the pub. It is especially important for Elton as there are a lot of people who are not very mobile who live in the village. I know the post-master has been changed a couple of times in the last ten years, which is quite a high turnover. We are living in difficult times but it is very important that we keep a post office in Elton. If there is not one opened after the current one closes, I will be campaigning to have another one opened.”

The sub-postmistress, who wished to remain anonymous, said the situation was taken out of her hands when the landlord who owns the property did not offer the option to renew the lease. She said: “I have been given notice to vacate the property at the end of the month. There is not a lot that I can do about it. It is too short notice for me to find another property in the area. Quite a few of the customers are upset about the decision but I know the Post Office is trying to find a solution.”

A Post Office spokesman said: “Customers can be assured that it remains our intention to keep a post office service in Elton and we are currently investigating the options available. We must make sure that any future service reflects the numbers and type of customer using it locally and in situations like this we may well seek to establish an alternative type of service.”

Following the closure, the nearest post office branches for Elton residents will be Nassington Post Office, in Station Road, Nassington or Alwalton Post Office, in Oundle Road, Peterborough.


Elton Railway Station (1960s)

An overgrown Elton Station in the 1960s reflecting the fact that the station had closed in late 1953. The line stayed in use for nearly twenty years after the closure, the first ten years for passenger services to and from Peterborough East and after that for occasional freight use.