Drakes Christmas Lights, Thorney Road, Eye

For many Peterborians of the recent past, Christmas started when George and Christine Drake’s family on Thorney Road, Eye switched on their wonderful house and garden lights drawing in families from all over the area and raising many thousands of pounds for local charities.

They first set up their impressive display in 1986 and looked to add an additional festive centre-piece every year before calling it a day in the early 2000s.

Locals claim that visitors still visit the house every year in the hope that the display might have made a return !

AE Dighton, Eye

A fleet of lorries from AE Dighton (Haulage) Ltd of Hodney Road, Eye. Undated but probably from the mid 1960s.

Cyclists at The Greyhound, Eye

A group of cyclists line up outside the old Greyhound pub on Crowland Road in Eye Green. The building to the immediate right of the pub was a Post Office and Grocery store.

The pub closed in 2009 and became The 5 Spice restaurant.