Farcet School Photo (1934)

A lovely, damaged or not, group photo from Farcet School and dating to 1934.

This would be the original 1848 built school which has now been replaced but this original building is still recognisable and standing at the junction of Main Street and Middle Street.

Fletton Fire Brigade

An undated image of the Fletton Fire Brigade showing off their tender at the “Farcet Feast”, a local celebration when traditionally rhubarb was hung from bedroom windows, lamp posts, telegraph poles, bus stops or any other display facility !

Ticket to Yaxley & Farcet Station (1955)

A third class single ticket from Peterborough North to the old station at Yaxley & Farcet issued on 16th October 1955.

The station, which was sited just south of the Broadway Bridge, opened in 1890 as simply Yaxley Station before being renamed Yaxley & Farcet in 1895. It closed in the early part of 1959.

Yaxley & Farcet Station

A light engine running north through Yaxley & Farcet Station which closed in 1959.

The station closed in 1959 and was located on the site currently (2013) occupied by Clarkdrain.

Railway Ticket to Yaxley & Farcet

A Third Class ticket from Peterborough North to Yaxley & Farcet Station from 1947.

The station closed in 1959 but was sited just downline from Broadway on what is currently (2013) the Clarkdrain site, appropriately on Station Road.

Censored WW1 Letter – Farcet (1916)

An interesting postcard dating from 1916 which shows a field censorship stamp and an Army postmark.

The sender was 21 year old Cecil Smith and the recipient was his sister, 18 year old Grace Smith who resided at the family home at Anwick Cottage in Farcet. Their father, Fred Smith, was the village blacksmith.