JP Hall & Sons, Queens Walk

Workers from J P Halls and Sons who manufactured water pumps for ships and industrial use . The company was started in Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne by John Perry Hall and moved to Peterborough in 1893. The factory closed in 1963 when Bennie Lifts bought the London Road / Queens Walk premises.

Fletton United Charity Game (c.1915)

A superb image showing a young child on his push along bi-plane helping to raise funds at a Fletton United charity football game at the time of the Great War. The date of the game is 28th February and the venue was Brotherhoods Sports Ground.

The charity, St Dunstans, was founded in 1915 by Sir Arthur Pearson to provide rehabilitation, training and lifelong support to those blinded in the First World War and continues today as Blind Veterans UK.

Bomb Damage, Park Street (1940)

Bomb damage on Park Street, Fletton and a similar image of the location today.

On 16th November 1940, bombs were dropped on several locations in Fletton. Two houses were destroyed and thirty-one damaged with one person (Mr Crowson of 37, Queens Walk) taken to hospital. Houses were damaged in Queens Walk, Orchard Street, Park Street and London Road.

London Brick Workers

A wonderful selection of images showing Italian born London Brick workers from the 1950s/60s.

Below: Calitri Pasquale, Cianni Domenico (1956)

Below: Mangiri Giuseppe (1952)

Below: Mazzarella Raffaele (1960)

Below: Pignatiello Pasqualle, Pignatiello Mario, Frascella Nicola (1954)

Below: Salona Domenico (1955)

Fletton Fire Brigade

An undated image of the Fletton Fire Brigade showing off their tender at the “Farcet Feast”, a local celebration when traditionally rhubarb was hung from bedroom windows, lamp posts, telegraph poles, bus stops or any other display facility !

Fletton United FC (1902-1903)

Huge thanks to Tony Wilson for this wonderful photo of an evidently successful Fletton United FC of 1902/1903, winners of the Junior League and the Tradesmen’s Cup.

Fletton United FC merged with Peterborough City FC in 1923 to become Peterborough & Fletton United FC who competed until their demise in 1932. Two years later, Peterborough United FC were formed.

Fletton Avenue

Looking back towards the city along Fletton Avenue from close to the junction with Fairfield Road. The distant skyline includes the remains of Fletton Tower Mill.