Deacons Sixth Form Block (late 70s)

An iconic image for any old Deaconians who attended the school’s sixth form in the late 1970s.

Deacons School Hockey Team (1978)

The Deacons School hockey team of 1978.

Deacons Cricket Team (1956)

The Deacons School cricket team from 1956.


End of the Garton End Methodist Chapel (1937)

The 1937 demolition of the Garton End Methodist Chapel which was levelled to enable the widening of Newark Avenue at its junction with Garton End Road.

Garton End Road Flood (1939)

After the thaw of 12″ of snow, much of Peterborough was under water in early 1939 as this scene on Garton End Road shows.

Ironically, the water had re-established itself on the site of what was formerly a natural pond that had been filled in recently.

Today this would be at the junction of Pyecroft (left) and Garton End Road.

Dogsthorpe Pond

Looking across from the grounds of Lawn House towards the front of the Bluebell Inn at Dogsthorpe. In 2014 this would be the site of the Fire Station/Gymnasium.

Paten & Co Ginger Beer Bottle

A nice ginger beer bottle from Paten & Co Wine & Spirit Merchants who operated under London born Alfred John Paten who was based at the Cedars in Castor in 1911 and Dogsthorpe Road, Garton End in 1901.

Scott’s Corner – Garton Street c.1971

A corner shop existed on this site well back into the 1800s but was known locally as Scott’s Corner from 1954 to 1975 after it’s owner Norman Scott.

The shop is still trading today but definitely lacking in the corner shop charm department !


Garton End Road c.1904

An almost rural scene in the original image as the roadworks constitute a single guy with a pick-axe …… not a cone in sight !

Very little to identify the image today other than perhaps the decaying brick wall on the far left.


Garton End c.1912

On the right of the photo is the old Comet Inn that was demolished in 1924 to make way for the current building and on the left is the Primitive Methodist Chapel, built in 1866 and demolished in the late 1930s to enable Newark Avenue to be widened.