Glatton Village

Two nice undated images showing Glatton village. The top image is looking along High Haden Road from the junction with Mill Hill and all the buildings are still standing today (2016).

RAF Glatton Pass Form (1946)

An RAF pass form granting permission to leave base for a trip to a hospital at Nelson, Lancashire in 1946.

Glatton (actually Conington but named Glatton to avoid confusion with Coningsby!) was used by the USAAF as a bomber base through to August 1945 after which it was returned to the RAF’s Bomber Command until being closed and sold off in 1948.

Glatton – Priory Stores

Two images of the Priory Stores in Glatton, the top image dating to the 1930s and the lower image showing the rear of the Priory in 1942.

The story of the Priory village store is told in Beverley Nichols book ‘A
Village in a Valley’.

Thanks to Tim Churchill for these images. Tim was in residence at the Priory when it was destroyed by an incendiary bomb in 1942.

Glatton – High Haden Road

A quiet rural scene in Glatton just off the the A1 north-west of Sawtry. No idea of date but Alan Haverly of East Sussex adds ……..

“This is of a set of cottages in High Haden Road, known at the time as ‘Cole’s Cottages’, as they were owned by a Mr & Mrs Cole. The picture I believe is from around 1940, or maybe a fraction later as the bungalow on the right of the picture was built in the mid 1930s and lived in during the 1950s and 1960s by the Herbert family.

The fact that the lane is not looking too well kept gives great suggestion to the 1940s period. My own parents lived in a part of the cottage in question during the mid 1940s.”