Floods Near Glinton (1912)

This one is marked as being near Glinton after the August 1912 storms and subsequent floods and may well be around the Nine Bridges area on the road to Market Deeping.

Glinton Church

A late 1800s image showing Glinton Church, captured by William Ball of Broad Bridge Street.

Six Bells, Glinton

Two images showing the Six Bells in Glinton, several decades apart – dates unknown.

North Fen Road, Glinton

North Fen Road in Glinton – date unknown but a largely unchanged scene today (2016).

North Fen Road, Glinton

An undated image showing North Fen Road in Glinton.

Welmore Road, Glinton

An undated image looking along Welmore Road from the junction with Peakirk Road.

Floods near Glinton 1912

Another site decimated by the heavy rains of late August 1912 that caused havoc around the area. The road in the background is the A15 between Glinton and Northborough and the exact location is almost certainly Nine Bridges. 

Glinton c.1924

Captured from Helpston Road, this image looks along High Street with Lincoln Road crossing left to right in the middle of the picture.

The old Six Bells Inn sits centre-stage at the crossroads while the long departed Congregational Church dominates the right of the image.

Also long departed are the buildings far left which housed the Post Office and general store.

Glinton c.1908

Looking along High Street from the junction with Lincoln Road, the old Six Bells Inn is on the immediate right (behind the horse and cart).

The old general store and post office on the immediate left is sadly no more.

The church of St Benedicts continues to dominate the background with its impressive needle spire, considered by many to be the best of its kind in the country.

Helpston Road, Glinton

Looking along Helpston Road, from near the school, towards Glinton.