Longthorpe Parkway under Construction

Parkway construction showing the Nene Parkway left to right with the Longthorpe Parkway moving off into the distance. The road down to Thorpe Wood has not been added at this point.

Ferry Road, Milton Woods (1922)

A mystery 1922 image labelled “Robbers Gate” on Ferry Road, Milton Woods but it isn’t clear exactly where this is. The image was reproduced on an Edwardian postcard by Harrison “Postcard” Smith of Westgate.

Mark Smith adds, “Its on the A47 just past what was Thomas Cook and is now buried under the parkway going west. If you go on the cycle path along side the A47 towards Milton Ferry bridge you go onto what is left of it now. Was previously where the dual carriageway started/ended and was a notorious accident black spot.”

Desmond Stapleton also adds, “I grew up in Longthorpe and the gate on left went into Bluebell Wood while the gate on the right went into Milton Park. There were several people killed on that bend”.

Thorpe Hall Maternity Wing (c.1945)

The maternity wing of Thorpe Hall captured around 1945. Thorpe Hall had been requisitioned for use as a hospital during the Second World War and became a maternity home immediately after. Thousands of Peterborians started life at Thorpe Hall which continued as the city’s primary maternity unit until 1971 when Peterborough District Hospital took over.

Postcard to The Old House, Longthorpe (1929)

A 1929 postcard to the Taylor family who were based at The Old House in Longthorpe (see lower image) which was lost to fire in 1970.

Thorpe Park

Cattle roaming in the grounds of Thorpe Hall – date unknown but a photograph taken by and traded as a postcard by Westgate’s Harrison “Postcard” Smith who traded opposite Westgate Church.

The Old House, Longthorpe

The 16th Century “Old House” on Thorpe Road in Longthorpe which was badly damaged in a fire in 1970 and was subsequently levelled.

Foxhounds at the Fox & Hounds !

Foxhounds, presumably from the nearby Fitzwilliam Hunt gathered outside the original Fox & Hounds pub in Longthorpe.

Longthorpe Village (c.1930)

Looking along Thorpe Road towards Longthorpe Tower c.1930 with a petrol garage to the immediate right on the site of what is, in 2015, TWG Motor Sports.

Longthorpe (Holywell) Ponds (c.1932)

The pond at Holywell next to Thorpe Hall in the early 1930s with a young Rolland Baxter dipping away. Photo courtesy of Rolland’s daughter Ruth Smith.

Eustace Mountain – Fox & Hounds, Longthorpe

Many thanks to John Newell for this superb image captured outside the original thatched roof Fox & Hounds in Longthorpe. The gentleman centre stage is John’s uncle and the magnificently named Eustace Mountain ….. although he apparently preferred the name “Ron” !