Ferry Road, Milton Woods (1922)

A mystery 1922 image labelled “Robbers Gate” on Ferry Road, Milton Woods but it isn’t clear exactly where this is. The image was reproduced on an Edwardian postcard by Harrison “Postcard” Smith of Westgate.

Mark Smith adds, “Its on the A47 just past what was Thomas Cook and is now buried under the parkway going west. If you go on the cycle path along side the A47 towards Milton Ferry bridge you go onto what is left of it now. Was previously where the dual carriageway started/ended and was a notorious accident black spot.”

Desmond Stapleton also adds, “I grew up in Longthorpe and the gate on left went into Bluebell Wood while the gate on the right went into Milton Park. There were several people killed on that bend”.

Thorpe Hall Maternity Wing (c.1945)

The maternity wing of Thorpe Hall captured around 1945. Thorpe Hall had been requisitioned for use as a hospital during the Second World War and became a maternity home immediately after. Thousands of Peterborians started life at Thorpe Hall which continued as the city’s primary maternity unit until 1971 when Peterborough District Hospital took over.

Thorpe Park

Cattle roaming in the grounds of Thorpe Hall – date unknown but a photograph taken by and traded as a postcard by Westgate’s Harrison “Postcard” Smith who traded opposite Westgate Church.

Thorpe Village (1870)

A wonderful image dating back to 1870 and showing Thorpe Village, better known today as Longthorpe. Longthorpe Tower would be to the right of the photographer and the water in the foreground is not a puddle but the village pond !

Thorpe Road

This view shows the main entrance to Thorpe Hall with the now demolished Park House on the right.

In the centre of the image is the old Toll House which has also long since vanished.

The entrance is still there today and you can identify the walling on the far right. Apart from that, the scene has changed dramatically with the country gate mid-left representing what was to become the start of today’s Mayors Walk with Audley Gate now sited behind the two boys on the left.

Thorpe Park c.1912

This view looks back along one of the main entrance routes to Thorpe Park with the Lodge House in the background.

The Lodge House is no more but would have been sited pretty much on the roundabout at the junction of Thorpe Road and the Longthorpe Parkway.

If you check out the public footpath leaving the roundabout towards Thorpe Hall today then you can pick up the faint outline of the inital part of this track which is now well grassed over.